My PC IS SLOW 50% of the time and it won't boot sometimes

The reason I would like to get the eve tablet is so I dont have to worry about the hour long booting startup from my old hard drive that its causing and I dont have enough room on my hard drive for videos and other things I like to do.

Have you ever considered just migrating to a newer HDD or invest in an SSD Boot Drive?

Also Eve is the company. The product is called the V :grin:


Please remember that the V tablet is currently limited to a maximum 512GB of storage, and while this may seem like a lot, it is still significantly less than most laptops and desktops. Finding a laptop with a full 1TB (1024GB) of storage should satisfy most storage needs. The V might be getting an option for this in the future, but as far as I know there are currently no guarantees.

You say that your computer is slow, occasionally won’t boot, and there’s no room for “videos and other things”.

Based on what you’ve said, it sounds your hard drive is completely full and needs to be emptied. You can offload some of your extra files to external hard drives or the cloud, where they’ll be safe and accessible until you get a device with more storage.

Hopefully this helps!

EDIT: If you are saving a lot of videos and movies to your device, you definitely want more storage.

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Well it’s a 2in1 not a laptop or desktop. I personally am fine with then512gb ssd (but would of course upgrade to 1tb if possible).

The main users are propably totally fine with 512gb as it meant as a 2in1 not a desktop replacement.

Honestly, it just sounds like your hard drive has bad sectors on it and that it’s dying if it can’t boot properly most of the time. I suggest running the CHKDSK command in the Command Prompt to see if it reports any bad sectors.

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According to Eve, they do plan to offer a 1TB option for each CPU configuration. Look under Internal Hardware (spec changes) on this wiki for details

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We’re looking into it - we’re not promising a 1TB option but trying to provide one :slight_smile: