My old laptop just died. Should I wait for eve V?

Hello EVE community!

As I was searching for a new laptop, I found out eve v and this community, and decided to go with eve v. However, my current old laptop just died (it was 7 years old. It won’t even boot. ), and I really need one pretty soon because I am a grad student in STEM :frowning: I am not sure whether I can wait for the next batch, or should just go with other options(Dell XPS i5 or new surface pro i5 though I heard a lot of bad things about it). Is there any possible way to purchase eve v soon? I really wanna have eve v, but if I get to buy another model, it’s highly unlikely for me to buy another laptop(poor grad student).


If you need it quickly, no. We’re far from shipping.


I fear @TechieWeirdo is right. It’ll take even to much time, until you can order the V. So it’s a pity, that your old notebook didn’t last a bit longer.


I feel your pain mate. I have been without a laptop since February… luckily I got desktops at both work and home and managed to borrow an old macbook when I had to travel. I can’t wait for the V to be delivered


My laptop “died” also in February (it has the black screen syndrome after login), I think it was some kind of windows 10 update which made the final punch but it has not helped to resume to previous backup in safe mode or any other hundred tricks I tried out. I could try to install win7 there, but, well, then I have to install all the programs too and all that will take the whole weelend away from my free time.

Off topic I know, but there is an option to reset Windows 10 to a brand new Windows 10. You would need to Backup your data and programs too, but you would have a working Windows 10 afterwards.

It sounds like a Windows Bug, so your Laptop should be fine afterwards.

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If you’re running an up to date version of Windows you can find this in

  • Settings App > Update and Security > Recovery > Reset this PC.

If this doesn’t take care of it then it’s probably a hardware problem.

If this prevents you from doing the option above, look for a tutorial on how to change where your device looks to load Windows in the BIOS. You can create a clean copy of Windows on a thumbstick (I think Microsoft calls it Windows Media Creation tool or something) and then in the BIOS load that instead of the installed OS on your hard drive.


Eve V is cool and is exactly what I am looking for. Other passive cooled i7 y-series models are rare and ridiculously expensive out there. The only problem is that supply is way too slow. I guess this is a common problem among most tech startups. And this is not good in this kind of fast evolving market.

Thank you guys for your help!
I really appreciate it :blush::+1:t2:
I quess it could be more kind of “I broke my extarnal mouse and now I need a new computer” situation :joy::joy::joy:
Since I have happily wasted my time in Weekend Festival :tada::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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