My name is not on the box

Hi Everyone,

I’m a first time poster but long time lurker.I just received my Eve V and I’m in Canada. I’m so excited to get and can’t wait to use it (its currently charging). I bought the Hyper Early Bird version however I don’t see my name on the box. I’m wondering why that is? I noticed most of the names look like usernames so i’m assuming they came from Indiegogo. If anyone on the team can let me know that would be great.

Those names are those who have participated for the planning phase of the pyramid flipper.

Your name is probably in the poster?

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I think you had to be in the community a few months ago- ie as the spec details etc - eg keyboard were finalised ahead of Computex

@Glenn_Sand, sorry to hear that. Names on the box are taken from the community! Make sure to join early for the next project :smiley:


This actually interesting. When was the names pulled? How are the names sorted?

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Before the IGG campaign, I think. I’m also not there as far as I can tell, but doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

So is this the time where spoilers are no longer spoilers? Thank god! :slight_smile:

Does this mean Eve will be doing the ‘names on the box thing’ for all its products?:astonished:


No, it just means we want people to participate in crowd development. :slight_smile: