My Ideal Device.....Will this work for me? Anyone have similar Use?

Hi, new here so I thought I’d ask a few questions. I just came across the IndieGoGo campaign for the new EVE V.
As a user of multiple devices I’m growing tired of jumping back and forth with my work. I’m not looking for a perfect device but I do have some needs before I finally at least jump into something of this nature so here goes.

  1. I basically work in two worlds at the moment. Those would be the world of SolidWorks and the world of Photography. When it comes to the photo side I use photoshop, Light Room, Photomatrix (possible move the Aurora) and On1.

Will the new EVE V handle this type of software with the Win 10 Pro version? Also will your pen work with these applications?

Any chance a 1TB SSD version coming out in future date?
Also I work with a 3D mouse and standard mouse at same time and wonder if this is possible.

Any feedback would be great.


Hi Carmelo,

EVE V should not have any problem handling the use cases you’ve described and pen will function similarly to the SP4 pen. Additionally you will also be able to have boosted performance in those applications with the addition of EVE Core eGPU. I would however recommend you get the i7/16GB version for the added RAM.

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As a photographer myself, my use case will be this: The eve is a great device to handle light editing, and it’ll be wonderful on the go. That being said, I personally will still have a full MacBook pro at home and a workstation in the office to do heavy editing. But for Lightroom and light editing, as I said, the i7 and even i5 will handle everything very well.
As for storage, I store any bigger files (anything photography related) on external drives anyway, so drive size is never really an issue

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Not a Mac person. I’m sure the i7 version would suffice but my needs also entail my SolidWorks use as well. Yes I would probably use external drives as well, USB Hub, USB 3.0 external BluRay burner as well. I would want a larger drive at some point as I never know what I’ll be doing a year or two down the road.

Thanks for that information Alexandr. I would definitely go no less than that for sure. I will probably wait till I see the unit in use. Any info on going 1TB with built in storage. Also how does the 1048 pressure point compare to the 2048 of the Wacon Cintique?

The thing that matters most isn’t the pressure points but the latency, so it feel more like real pen and paper :wink: 1024 is more than enough I feel. When the pen and Eve V are available I’m sure testing will be made.

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It runs Windows, so it’s compatible with all the same devices as any other Windows computer. Including your fancy mouse :slight_smile:
And I think you’re a bit mistaken - Windows 10 Home/Pro does not influence the power of a computer at all. You will be able to run 100% the same software with Windows 10 Home as you would with Pro. It’s the same operating system and it consumes the same amount of resources. The only “advantage” that Pro offers is full hard drive encryption and Hyper-V (Microsoft’s proprietary virtualization technology). And some other things that I sincerely doubt you need. You can learn more over here:


having used everything from 256-2048 levels of sensitivity, I’d say they sort of topped out at 1024. Jumping to 2048 is more of a marketing thing imo. I’m sure soon everyone will think they need 5096 levels! :slight_smile:

And for those of you who use Solidworks - I come from a 3DS Max/Maya world, but am interested in learning Solidworks. What’s the learning curve? similar to other 3D packages, where the concepts are similar, it’s just the method is a little different?

One other advantage of Windows 10 pro is more control over installing updates. If you’ve ever been working on something for a while and Windows 10 suddenly reboots without warning to install an update you will appreciate that feature, haha.

Learning curve is not that bad for the basics. Lot’s of tutorials on youtube to get you going. Surfacing is a little more of a challenge but any training dvd will get you going fairly quickly.

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