My first 24hrs with Eve V

So I finally got my Eve V as a HEB. It’s been a long wait with lots of ups and downs, even the shipping process caused it’s share of frustration. Was it all worth it? Well after my first 24hrs with my Eve V I have to say absolutely, but makes we wish even more I’d received it earlier as V is simply brilliant.

For context I work in IT and spent 2 years working in device sales so I’m very familiar with the market for laptop and 2 in 1 devices. I’ve owned and tested quite a few. My last daily driver for work was a Surface Pro 4 which I recently replaced with a Lenovo X1 Yoga Gen 2.

Eve V is my personal device for on the go tasks. I also have a Dell XPS 15 I use for video editing and a Dell Alienware R3 13 for gaming and Windows Mixed Reality. I know crazy to have so many devices and it drives my wife nuts, but I firmly believe in using the right device for the task and that no one device will ever fulfil all my computing needs.

So what are my main use cases for Eve V:

  • Email, Web browsing, Social (Facebook, Twitter) on the go. I know you can do all that on a mobile phone, but I much prefer using a larger screen and a proper keyboard so even an iPad was not really a good solution
  • Media: Netflix, Films, Spotify…
  • Light Office usage: Spreadsheets mainly for tracking personal finances, some correspondence in Word
  • Note taking in OneNote: I’m on a parent association and occasionally need to take notes. I also use OneNote for planning holidays, gathering ideas when looking at new purchases (furniture, cars)
  • Music notation: I use StaffPad to copy / write music, mostly choir scores.

For all these tasks Eve V felt like a really good fit. So in November 2016 I backed Eve V and opted for the i5/8GB/256GB version.

Over a year later :zipper_mouth_face: I received my Eve V. If you haven’t received or unboxed your Eve V won’t spoil anything, only to say you’re in for a treat and it feels like a premium product from the get go.

After unpacking my Eve V I connected the keyboard and connected to my Philips 258b6queb Monitor, which supports USB C connection with power delivery. I was concerned by some reports of loose USB C connections and did experience a problem when I first connected to the top USB C port. After switching to the bottom port everything worked fine. I’ve since tested the top port and it seems to be OK, so it might have been that the device was cold.

I ran through the OOBE setup with Cortana’s chirpy voice guiding me through the setup and configuring Windows Hello with the fingerprint reader. I’ve seen some reports that Windows Hello doesn’t recognise people. I would recommend following the setup instructions carefully and making sure you use different orientations. For me Windows Hello works flawlessly and I love the on screen instructions telling you to move your finger higher or lower. Yes the power button is recessed and a little hard to find at first, but after a few attempts I’m sure you can do it blindfolded.

After logging on I connected my Microsoft account I let Windows get on with installing apps and updates in the background. I connected my OneDrive which sync’d my settings. Next I logged on to my Office Account and install Office from my Office 365 subscription. And finally I went to the Windows Store opened my library and installed some apps I plan to use (Twitter, Netflix, Staffpad, Windows Central, DrawPDF, Spotify). All in all I was pretty much done in 30 mins. I just love the Win 10 OOBE.

So my first impressions of the Eve V. It is a premium build quality with a good weight distribution. The screen is gorgeous, bright and vibrant. Out of the box the brightness was set to max. I reduced that to 25% to conserve some battery and it is plenty bright enough. The keyboard is a delight. I love that it is more rigid than the Surface Pro 4 keyboard. The key spacing is excellent and the key travel for me is perfect. The trackpad is good. I did increase pointer speed one step which made it more responsive for my taste. The click on the trackpad is good and I don’t have an issue with it only being at the bottom part of the trackpad, that is personal taste.

I did experience problems a few times when disconnecting and connecting the keyboard using the pogo pins, relying in the magnets to align the connection. When the connection wasn’t right Windows toggled rapidly between Auto rotate on/off. I haven’t had any problems after those initial issues, but I’ve also been more careful when aligning the keyboard. Something to keep an eye on in case this persists.

I hadn’t realised the keyboard has a small led which lights up red when it is charging, which is a nice touch. After charging and figuring out the trick to connect via Bluetooth (CRTL+F12, not fn+12!) I was able to use the keyboard while disconnected. This is definitely a standout feature of the Eve V. I’ve used the Surface Pro 4 on planes and trains and despite Panos Panay’s claims about “lapability” it always left me feeling like Quasimodo. With the Eve V keyboard detached and connected via Bluetooth I feel like Elliot Carver from James Bond Tomorrow Never Dies commanding his media empire with his wireless keyboard: 'There's no news like bad news...' - YouTube

I haven’t had chance to use the pen much, but based on the few scribbles I made in the Windows Ink Workspace sketch tool it works just as well as the SP4 pen. I’ll write more later, pun intended!

On battery life I haven’t really had chance to measure that. Eve V came with 75% charge, and I charged it via my monitor during the OOBE setup. I’ve used the Eve for 4-5 hrs and am still at 30% battery with estimated 2hrs45mins which seems pretty reasonable.

I showed my Eve V to a colleague who ordered the same model during the fire sale, based on my advice before I’d received my Eve V. I was relieved that he was also impressed by the build quality, screen, keyboard and pen, so he is happy with his choice.

That’s about all for now. I wrote this on a train between Basel and Zurich and will be showing Eve V to some work colleagues later. I’ll post more on my experiences in the next days.


Another positive feedback. Thanks for that. Good to know and gives hope that the faulty ones are exceptions.
The people who received them, I hope the eve team can fast exchange them.

And for me I am no waiting for my V which I ordered at the flash sale. I5 8gb.

And your review says to me that the i5 was a right choice. My use case is except the music thing, Facebook and Twitter, the same.