My Eve V is not recognizing the ssd at all


So I get the following error when trying to start my computer.

I follow the steps in the FAQ below, but the Hard dis option just say Hard Disk and doesn’t recognize the SSD.

What can I do to resolve this?

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Same problem for me, twice (one week ago and yesterday), actually each time I carry my Eve V away from the desk where it stay usually all day long.
I discovered that to make it start correctely, I had to knock it gently on my desk which means that there is some kind of connexion problem between SSD and main board.
Because it’s almost impossible to open and check what’s going on we have to live with the problem untill Eve V dies.
Sorry, for mistakes, I’m french and not used to write in english.
Good luck to you AfonsoHG

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Same problem for me of today, I followed the steps in the FAQ, but the Hard drive option just say Hard Disk and doesn’t recognize the SSD. What can I do to resolve this?

@dlandman I don’t have a lot of ideas on what you can try - I would point you to the document already linked. Can you boot into the BIOS? and if you can what are you seeing in the boot options section? Do you have a USB drive you can boot from and check if the hard drive is visible from the USB boot?

Connect with me here or via private message and lets see what we can figure out.


The SSD is not visable when i want to do an clean Windows installation. So the error must be with the SSD.

In BIOS i have the normal boot options there is no SSD visable.

Unfortunately, I can’t think of anything you can try that you already haven’t tried. The best next step is to open a support ticket at

If we find anything else to try I will let you know.

thnx for the support i have an support ticket open.

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Did you get it fixed? I have the same problem now.


Did you get any response from the support?

Hey @gtataki

Do you need assistance reaching support? Feel free to DM me your order ID and or ticket ID and I will have them reach out to you.