My Eve V i5/8GB/256GB just arrived today [Unboxing Spoilers]

Got my Eve V today and just opened it about 20 minutes ago.
I was the Limited Bird backer back in Nov of 2016.
Packaging was superb. Love the little extras such as the poster, charging brick adapters, sling bag. I like that everything is in the box, computer, screen protector, keyboard, charger, pen and cable.
I also like the sleeve that I ordered sometime in Feb of 2017.

The wait was long and excruciating but I am very happy with it so far. It is a definite upgrade over my now aging SP3. Screen is gorgeous and the fanless design is definitely appreciated. The keyboard is surprisingly quite nice and I am making few errors on it. Integrated FPS in power button is awesome and the pen latency is virtually zero. I am not happy about the predicted battery life but hopefully things on that front will improve.

More as I use the device.


Great to hear that you are happy with your V! :slight_smile:
I took the liberty to add the spoiler warning in your title :wink:


Thanks for doing that. I will post some unboxing pictures shortly.

Here are my unboxing pictures.
No issues in shipping with my device.


Okay, so I got all the driver updates done late last night. Also got all of MSFT updates done as well.
Going to put the device through the paces today.


Quick update.
I have yet to charge this device fully and drain it. So far I have been using it an hour or so every day. I still have 67% left and I never fully charged it to begin with. So battery life is quite good at least for my use case. I can’t really seem to stress out the CPU with my usage pattern which is nice. The keyboard is great to type on, the feedback on the keys is actually slightly better than what I have on my SP4 keyboard.

One thing I haven’t gotten around to is putting the screen protector on. I bought an iCarez kit for my SP3 and that has some nice tools to install the screen protector. I will do that next week, too much work travel right now. I do plan to first clean the protector film on both sides before I start the install that way static has less chance of attracting the dust/lint on the adhesive side.

More updates as I use the device more each day.
I am going to order the full version of MS Office and install that as well.


Audio updates:

  1. Speakers aren’t too shabby. I can’t really crank them up too much at work without pissing off my co-workers.
  2. The headphone jack output is actually quite decent. I installed the updates as soon as I set up the device so I have no way to tell how the audio output sounded prior to the driver update pushed out by Eve V. It is a bit more on the bass heavy side for my taste. I like the output of the SP3 headphone jack better. However, the Eve V output is not a deal breaker for me.

I will test drive the camera via a Zoom or Skype call in a day or two and post an update.


Installing the included film screen protector was a nightmare of epic proportions!
Eve V team please get someone to make a tempered glass screen protector for this device. Or convince iCarez to make a film screen protector for this beautiful computer!


There is a thread where someone provides a link to what your are looking for :

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Update after a few months.
The screen protector bubbles all went away after a couple of days. It is now stuck on the screen flawlessly.


Who said that the V is becoming obsolete?
The only self healing computer around! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy: