Multiple product lines of Eve

Eve, plan your future. Imo, people purchasing through start-up and small companies are niche.

If you plan to push all the projects in a tight timeline,

  1. Eve fans may not be able to afford all, as a result, a poor initial sales performance.

  2. You face flooding messages/ enquires in your product lines, that your team and CS may not be able to solve in a timely fashion, which turns to slow response and cooling off of impulsive consumers.

Are there any plan for release? Timeline?
I don’t obtain any qualification/ knowledge in running business. Any recommendation/ correction to my idea is welcome.


I kinda get the feeling that this is a monster of a project, and they are not focusing on an Identity/specializing on something.

Transition to Eve Tablet to Eve V make sense, we are focusing in the tablet market… a “oneplus of Surface devices” cool.

Eve V has had a lot of turmoil, planned from 2016 and released in late 2018 basically. Idk, if these many projects will yield the same… or worst being a 2020-2021 release.

Currently I’m viewing Eve as:

  • Indiegogo startup company with extra steps
  • a smaller (community) massdrop competitor; which Eve is currently in thousands vs millions in comparison

Not saying this is bad but I do see that this is a niche…

  • MiniPC, well I could source on my own

  • Dock…, some Chinese company probably are attempting/already making it

  • Color-grade Professional Monitor (144hz+) ? This is a not bad idea, but some local Korean/Chinese offbrands have been selling these for affordable prices if you look

  • Phone??? I guess it’s too saturated even on the budget market (which is getting better & better each year) and there’s oneplus 7 (oppo subsidiary)


@Ho_Yi_Lee, valid question!

I wanted to even write a separate post about it at some point. I will address this now.
First of all there will be V2 but not as a next project. We would like to deliver a bit simpler product to be able to show that we have been able to improve after V in terms of overall customer experience and terrible delays. As for the timeline it will be clear now when we have picked the ODM for each project.

We will not make a product if we can’t provide better value to people in the market, For example we identified the following gap in headphones market with community and see potential there!

Niche is not a bad thing especially when you operate globally as having good presence in the niche can allow to later grow to a bigger group. To be honest our first priority is to ow prove that we can not only make good products but also actually deliver them with the proper user experience.

As for the customer support we think in the simpler product like headphones or dock the support issues will be easier to tackle and shipping a brand new replacement unit fast would be easier as the cost of these products is not as high as V.

I think where we want to be is to eventually become a company that can make all kinds of tech products with end users picking correct compromises and delivering ultimate value. Eventuality we will get to hardcore innovation too!