Multiple problem - black screen / coil wine / HDR


Got mine last week and here the problems I got
Asus Rog Strix 2080TI

Black screen.
Got a lot of them. . I have a dual monitor setup. Before I had an old HP 1080p 60hz (no G-Sync) and my main monitor was an Asus PG279Q 1440p 165hz (G-Sync) and both were plugged with Display Port and no problem at all.
Now my main monitor is the Eve Spectrum with the Asus. At first both were plugged with DP with GSync enabled in the NVidia Control Panel and it was doing black screen all the time. Going in menu in Unreal and such was triggering a black screen all the time (kind of each second!!!) so it’s definitely unusable! As soon I disable the G-Sync in the NVidia Control Panel no more black screen but loose G-Sync on my Asus and Adaptive Sync on Eve. Update my firmware from 102 to 104 and same thing. My only solution so far is to plug my Asus with an old HDMI cable so it doesn’t get GSync and my eve have “GSync” enable aka adaptive sync and I tested it with the pendulum demo to be sure it was working. I have the feeling both GSync and Adaptive Sync are fighting each other’s …

Coil Wine
At first I had coil wine when enabling HDR but that was fix with firmware 104. But I still have coil wine when the monitor goes is sleep mode and you can hear it easily even from far so quite annoying.

As soon as I enable it everything is a bit washed out kind of over brightness. Even try to set the HDR/SDR brightness balance but it doesn’t change a thing. Games and Playing video looks properly but not windows in general

anyone having those problem?


Did you enable HDR in the windows settings?

Yes but I’m disabling it when not necessary