Multiple monitor issues

Hi I’ve got a 102 firmware with Nvidia 471.41 drivers on a laptop with a 1050 and am having difficulty getting multiple monitors to work.

Windows 10 seems to pick up that there are two monitors but in the display settings where it graphically should show the two monitor screens side by side (that you can drag around) it instead just shows one display with ‘1|2’ on it instead of the normal ‘1’ on one display and ‘2’ on the other display.

My Eve Spectrum just remains blank (possibly from the light it looks like its trying to connect but cant).

Has anybody else seen this?

Windows does that to me when I’ve selected “Duplicate these displays” instead of “Extend these displays” in “Multiple Displays”. So you could see if you can switch to “Extend these displays”, and whether that fixes it. It could be blank because the monitor does not support the resolution of your main display.

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Ok thanks I’ll try that! For some reason I just thought it automatically does that - maybe I’m jumping to conclusions on this one - I’ll find out!

I can confirm that changing from Duplicate to Extend will fix this issue.

You’re seeing 1|2 on the display because the same thing is being shown on both screens. It doesn’t make sense to let you position the screens relative to each other.

When you switch to Extend then each monitor will display a separate image. You’ll be able to move them around, e.g. switching left/right.

This isn’t a Spectrum thing - it’s just the way that Windows has worked for many years.

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Yeah thanks its just a silly mistake on my behalf and jumping to conclusions - I’ve had such a bad experience with the monitor I just didn’t trust it… Things are getting better now though - its bedding in and I’m learning its many quirks except for when my computer boots and it doesn’t show anything.