Multiple ES07D03 USB-C PD Upstream


Asking here if anyone has tested this before or how the monitors will behave. I have a Dell Precision 5560 that supports multiple monitors connected to the device via the Thunderbolt 4/USB-C 3.2 Gen 2 ports (all USB-C form factor).

The challenge I have is the Eve ES07D03 USB-C upstream port also supplies 100w power delivery. The Dell Precision 5560 recommends supports power delivery on any of its ports but only recommends power delivery via one port at a time.

My question in short is what will happen if I connect multiple ES07D03 monitors to my Dell Precision 5560. I suspect it’s probably not safe to do as there is no way to turn off the power delivery from the monitor so I could set it as only one supplies power.

Hi there,

You are correct, it is not possible to turn off PD on ES07D03.

With both monitors providing power at the same time? It might fry the board. Depends on what safeguard Dell has in place for that scenario, but I would certainly avoid doing it.

Taken from Dell website.

I used to own a laptop with multiple USB-C ports that all support video output, but only one has PD. So I checked if that is the case for yours so we can come up with a workaround.

I ran through the specs sheet for Dell 5560 but apparently, all ports support PD, so I can’t think of an alternative but to use a different type of connection instead (USB-C to DP, for example).

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Hmmm just as I thought. Will need to get a thunderbolt dock.