Multiple community membership?

Is it possible and / or allowed to open 2 or more Community accounts with different names? What would be the effect? How (if ever) does EVE handle such cases?

What would be the benefit? Except for manipulating things (like polls etc)?

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It is possible to have multiple accounts with different names.

We’re looking into what we can do to have the polls nearly non manipulative :wink:


That is what I thought iKirin. So the team might think they have thousands of interest customers and make production plans for them, but in the end hundrets could be fake…
(I know you have more than a few thousand…)
Competitors could use this path to manipulate…? Don’t get me wrong, I am not looking or waiting for such things to happen. Because of my former career I know: if there is a leak, some one will find and misuse it.

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As mentioned, we’ve got some ideas on how to ensure that those polls can not be manipulated that easily :slight_smile:

When we start up the development of the next product after the V, we’ll likely enable some of them & test them out.

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Ah makes sense now of those outlandish requests for LTE, 1tb Ssd and 15.6 inch versions! Haha :joy: