Multifunction printer

Hi Community!

While waiting for ordering the V :slight_smile:, I am looking for a suitable multifuntion printer for my Home Office.
I do not need the printer so often, printing approx. 50 pages per month, sporadic scan and copy.

As far as I know, laser printers are better for less frequent users, as there is no toner drying out.

Also, color prints should be possible.

Can someone recommend a good model? :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance!

HP M277dw. I use it and it works really well - never had an issue with the printer ever. Color laser prints come out very well.

If you were interested then make sure to buy a new model, the very early ones had a scanning hardware flaw in them.


I am using the Dell C3765DNF at my Office. It works great for me. And there are cheap aftermarket toners for it.

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1 recommendation: lazer printer


Any HP or Epson that suits your Price and needs.

My best friend is a printer technician.

He won’t use any other than the two.

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I have that printer as well, but beware that new ink is about 80-120 EUR per cartridge, and you need all 4 for it to function… So far, I have not managed to find cheap third party ones, and only the official HP ones work

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In my experience if you are printing 50 ish pages a month, inkjet wouldn’t dry out. I think for the average person, 50 pages is actually quite a bit of usage. I have a Canon inkjet I sometimes go over a month between prints and it’s never dried up


Check replacement ink cartridge prices. Sometimes the ink cost more than the printers, as it did for my Canon Photo 17" wireless printer. I use a Brother wireless laser for everyday printing, but I print a lot. I have no complaint about either brand except that the Canon ink costs a lot, and third party ink in known to cause severe head clogging.

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Thanks colleagues! yes, I heard about the high prices of the new inks…phuu I have to think about it…as said by @mlivesey , usage is not even 50 pages a month…

Using a rather old HP8600 at home: color print, scan, duplex - works great for me. I’ve heard the driver support under macOS seems to be crap, but for Linux all works well.
Cartridges cost about 80€ (whole HP set) or 20€ (whole NoName set); I’m testing the latter and atm it works quite well.

I use a Dell 1765 nf color printer scanner.
Cartridges from a good no name source.
Works great since 2 years.
Black Friday kind of price: 120 pounds plus an enormous bag to be able to get it added to my plane luggage.

You could just use the FastScanner app or something similar and get away with a much more compact color laser printer. I personally went this route for my business needs, and ultimately it is actually more convenient and seems that even the overall workflows changed to more digital media. Hope this helps :slight_smile:

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There is a printer by the name of Canon PIXMA MG2922. It is a wireless scanner/printer that usually goes for under the $100 (USD) range. It also prints color.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any printers I’d recommend. (I’ve used Lexmark and HP in the past - both have their issues.)

I will say that if you’re planning on printing ~50 pages per month, you shouldn’t have any problems with ink drying out. My family usually prints 10 pages or less a month, and we’ve gone over a year before ink dried out - and this only happened once. Usually, we get through both of the HP 61 cartridges within a year.

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Thanks you Gregory!

I was informed about both printer versions, both inkjet printers and laser printers. My estimate of 50 pages per month is too high. I also probably print less than 50 pages per month. It will be more or less 10 pages per month. This should prevent drying. And if I know that I will not print for a long time, then you can remove the printer cartridges and store in special cartridges.
In addition, every 2 weeks can make a test print against drying out. The newer models even have a self-cleaning program installed. I heard that HP office pro inkjet printers are very good in this regard.

The main reason AGAINST a laser printer are the harmful fine dust particles. I have two small children and I do not want to unnecessarily expose them to this fine dust particles and I do not want to have the printer in another room either,

What do you think about that? Is that “just” scare tactics?