Multi-screen device for tablet and reader use

I gifted my V to a relative who needed an intro to win10 and sufficiently tech savvy to deal with the hiccups. I moved on to Surface and am waiting for the new folding units being developed. I am interested in a do all assistant, pc, reader, telephone, just maybe the needed hardware, software developments have been achieved.

What do you suggest such a device would look like? I’m not really sure I understand what you’re looking for…

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What I see is a tablet that opens like a book with multiple screens that could work in a tablet or reader format or open into a single large screen. Ideally I would be able to work on two projects simultaneously while connected by Bluetooth to a monitor. I am hoping that Microsoft will be presenting something along these lines in December.

So you mean something like the microsoft neo or duo? Like how big would the folded screen be?
As for wireless screen display I’d say use something like Chromecast or wireless hdmi technology. Maybe over wifi instead of BT. BT generally isn’t the best for this.

I’m mostly curious for new use cases for new device categories :smiley:

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Tristan, would the Neo or Duo be considered as a new category or ? The Duo will also work as an Android phone and, open, would work as a book or tablet but ideally somewhere an e ink carta screen would be included. I still find myself carrying a phone, tablet and reader. Ever since Microsoft announced the Courier many of us have been waiting for the evolution of tech and software to make that possible. Hopefully this is that moment and something that Eve can take a hand in developing.

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