Mouse disconnects when source turns off/ input changes on monitor


Quick question, I have my pc running on hdmi 1 and my ps5 on hdmi 2. I have a 3 monitor setup (only one being spectrum) Every time I turn off my ps5 or change my spectrum back to hdmi 1 my mouse stops working. I have to unplug the usb from my computer and plug it back in and it works fine after that until I change the input again on the spectrum monitor. This only happens when changing the input on the spectrum monitor if I change it on my other monitors the mouse continues to work as normal. Anyone else having this issue or know of a fix?

What other connections do you have between the monitor and the PC? Also where is the mouse connected and using which version of USB (mono I/o, case I/o or spectrum KVM)?

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I only have the monitor connected to the pc and my ps5 on hdmi 2 …nothing else connected to the monitor …mouse is wireless connected via usb dongle , when this happens I have to unplug the usb dongle and plug it back or and it starts working fine again …usb 3.0

It’s unlikely that the Spectrum is causing this directly. It’s more likely to be a strange interaction with the mouse hardware when Windows senses that a new device has been plugged in.

One thing to check here is that the mouse has enough battery. I’ve seen strange behaviour on wireless mice when the battery gets low, even though they work just fine most of the time. Change the battery (or charge them) and the problem disappears.

Hi @KetchXXii,

I will have to agree with Jamie.

It’s highly unlikely that the Spectrum is the cause of this. Please try this with another monitor and let me know if you get the same results. If you do, then it would seem the problem lies with your Mouse.

EDIT: Please try both below steps. I believe your PC goes into some sort of sleep mode whilst not connected to an active source, which causes your mouse to disconnect.

  1. Device Manager > Human Interface Device > (Locate USB Dongle for Mouse and Select) > Power Management > Uncheck “Allow the computer to turn off this device to save power”
  2. Control Panel > Hardware & Sound > Power Options > Change Plan Settings > Advanced Settings > USB Settings > Disable

Sorry @MarvyMarvz for the late reply , holidays got me. this is also happening with my external elgato hd60s+ device when streaming…if i switch the monitor input to my computer screen or vice versa to hdmi 2 for my ps5 the elgato and the mouse both quit working and i have to unplug the usb and plug it back in and all is fine only until i change inputs again and then it happens again. When streaming my stream keeps working, my sony cam connected via cam link keeps working but my game screen is black or freezes on whatever the last image projected was when i switched inputs. I will try the settings you suggested and see if that helps. Quick note i have never had this problem and used the same setup for over a year until i swapped out my other monitor with the spectrum monitor , that is the only reason it made me think monitor. Again i will try the above settings and report back. Also i am on firmware v102, should i update to v104? i read what the update included and didn’t see anything related to my issue so wasn’t sure if i should or not. thanks for the response by the way.

@NZgeek yes my mouse is charged , it stays charged as it is on a charging mat when not being used. This is also happening with my elgato hd60s+ device when inputs change…i have other usb devices as well and have not seen no issues just these 2 seem to be affected when the inputs change.

@MarvyMarvz i have tried the settings and it continues to happen , however i have noticed something else that i wanted to share to see if it brings anything up that may be causing this. when my monitor changes inputs to the ps5 it is also changing from 60fps to 120fps…in that moment is when my elgato and my mouse stop working. My elgato continues fine on the screen as in see the game on my end but in streamlabs obs whatever the screen was on it freezes there until i go back into my sources , click on my source for the elgato and change it’s input to something else and then change it back and then it picks right back up. My mouse continues the same everytime it changes it just stops working until i unplug the mouse and plug it back in and this is on all monitors etc . If it also helps i am running a three monitor setup as well , again never had this issue until i swapped to the spectrum monitor, my old monitor was 1080p/60fps so i’m curious if it is something to do with the frame rate changing?

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Hi @KetchXXii,

Will you be willing to upgrade to 105 and let me know if this issue still persists?

I have notified the firmware team regarding this issue and we’ll try to resolve this in one of the upcoming firmware updates, apologies if this is not the answer you were looking for.

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@MarvyMarvz i can try it but also think i found the issue and it may be something that needs to be rolled out somewhere. If you are gaming on console currently there are no 2.1 hdmi capture devices however as in my case the elgato which can do 4k @ 60 was somehow allowing 4k @ 120. I power cycled the monitor (unplugged waited plugged in power) and then i noticed it was not displaying the screen properly and in my streaming software it was just a bunch of rainbow pixels. I went into the console and turned off the 120hz feature and all started working fine. Since i have done this my elgato and mouse have worked fine and have had no issues. This leads me to believe the issue was still when the monitor would change from 60 to 120 however based on my device it should not have been able to do that. If anyone is having any similar issues related to usb devices stopping etc and are gaming on console devices using external capture cards i would recommend they go into their console and turn this feature off for the 120 and it should resolve. I am still baffled on how the three are related as my monitor is hdmi and my mouse and elgato are on different usb ports (not a hub in other words ) and it didn’t affect my other usb devices but for me it seems to have corrected the issue.

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HI @KetchXXi,

Thanks for letting me know.

I have suggested to the Firmware Team that the changing of refresh rate may be the cause of this. I’ll keep you updated.

Auto select is fixed in our test versions that will be released as v106.

Upon video signal change, the USB hub gets reset - that is from the PCB design and there is nothing that we can do about it at all. However, after the disconnect, it should come right back - something that I’ve tested extensively now on these test builds for the last several weeks.

For more info, see this post: Feature request: usb hub selection per input - #24