More security on community (TLS encryption)

As we are a modern community I would be happy if we can have a TLS encryption for

Because actually all data’s get transmitted over an unencrypted connection.

In times of LetsEncrypt I think this should be no more problem.

Thanks in advance!

Vote up for more security :grin:


I like your idea a lot, these days this is almost a must.

Pls edit your Post and put in a poll.

I checked it out quite a while back and we’re checking out to providing SSL/TLS with our current provider :slight_smile: So I hope as well as you @henning that we hear from them quite soon & can have our data be sent encrypted.


@iKirin thanks Peter for TLS Encryption.
But please be so kind and add a 301 redirect for HTTP (redirect to HTTPS).

Thanks :slight_smile:


I was just opening the https-version and had to see the following:

Some graphics might not be on the right server to support the https (not the expert here), but the page is definitely nicer with the eve logo on top :slight_smile:

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