More affordable eve laptop

Okay after hearing some concern about performance and significance of 200-400 windows laptop
I would like to mention this configuration
Display: 12 inch no fancy display just a basic display with good colour gamut
Processor SD 845
Full size keyboard
2 usb ports and one HDMI port
128 GB storage
8 GB ram

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Don’t call such things laptop pls, there won’t be 64gb of storage with windows, 4 gb sucks damn fast, a good 1080p display will kill the BOM for the range you are targeting.
Celerons ?

These things i call new electro trash, cause after a year they will be exactly that, a waste of resources.

Just my 2 cents.



The specs are simply not sufficient for running Windows smoothly (huge emphasis on smoothly). 4GB RAM is not enough for running Windows alone, let alone opening other applications for multitasking. And once Windows is installed, 64GB quickly becomes ~40GB. And after storing files and apps, I highly doubt that there will be enough space for anyone to store anything else. That’s why Apple acknowledged that and gave 200GB of cloud storage for students.

If the target audience is students, they would need a device that would last the day and have enough power to run multiple applications and store files, and IMO a Celeron, 4GB RAM and 64GB Storage cannot do that. If the target audience is children, I would get an iPad which is way more intuitive for them to use.

If I am given such a small budget to get a device for education, I’d either get a new iPad 6th gen, or even better, a damn Chromebook.

Just my 2 cents. Maybe someone would need a device like that. But I would not pay $200-$400 for a slow Windows machine.


I entirely agree with what @TechieWeirdo said. Also, students usually need to use special software at some point during their degree, and it really stinks for them when all of a sudden they have to buy another for the second half of their degree (this happens all the time).

Regardless, there are tons of these devices currently available for cheap, Eve should spend their efforts making something revolutionary.


Im actually inclined to know if there is actually a student that used Chromebook until they graduate. It seems Chromebooks were heavily advertised as a “great low cost computer for college students” but I have never actually seen a college student with one. Or the one that lasts, anyway.

They’re good for the few students that barely need to use a computer at all, but they still usually buy a Mac in my experience. Chromebooks are better for students that already have a good laptop or a nice desktop and just want something light to carry around, or a ‘cheap’ toy to play around with.


I think it depends on your degree. In the more ‘non-technical’ studies like e.g. ‘social sciences’ or so a Chromebook should suffice as they mostly need Word/Excel (or equivalents) and a PDF reader.

So it might be an interesting proposition.

Back to topic:
While I like the idea that @venkylegends proposed, I don’t think it’s possible at least with this price segment.
Just 128GB SSD and 8GB RAM eat up like 100$ alone - if we go with the current pricing.
SD on Windows is still pretty beta and not something I’d want anyone to use tbh.

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I think $600 is a more realistic price point for those specs with a 4-6gb ram 64gb option coming in at $500.

Generally speaking competing in the 'low end high volume` segment would be suicide. Eves development structure wouldn’t fit well with a low end device and eve doesn’t have the scale to mass produce vast quantities which would be needed to counter act the tiny profit margin.

Competitive premium non mission critical devices with well established supply chains suit Eve best.

If Eve goes for the low end market and the product doesn’t sell or has some manufacturing defect then eve will go bust. The premium maket allows for three things to work well, community designing, competitive pricing and relatively low volume production. A contract manufacturer won’t do low volume production unless the device itself is quite expensive.