Monitors don't wake from sleep. Requires hard power reset (unplug AC) to get working again (dozens of times per day)

My monitors always stay black and don’t wake up after being away from my computer for a while. I always have to unplug the AC power and plug it back in. Simply turning off and on the monitor with the power button doesn’t work, nor does switching the input back and forth (from say USB C->DisplayPort->USB C).

This happens I would say 90% of the time when my computers sleep. Sometimes it manages to wake up by some miracle. But I’m constantly having to unplug and plug my monitors throughout the day and its infuriating.

It happens on both my Windows (Radeon 6900XT) via Display Port, and all other devices I have tried via USB-C (Macbook Pro (Intel and M1), Windows Laptop, Linux Laptop). It has also happened through firmware 105, 106 and 107. I don’t recall this happening on v104 but unfortunately 104 had other significant problems with Mac and USB-C.