Monitor suddenly stopped detecting a signal?

Hi all,

not sure what to do. My monitor is on original firmware as I didn’t experience issues out of the box. But today it just stopped working and I have no idea why.

I’ve been running on display port flawlessly for a really long time (since nov 2021).

But now doesn’t matter what signal I try it just doesn’t detect. I’ve DDU my display drivers and reinstalled them fresh several times and still nothing. My pc was idle with all 4 of my monitors off, I turn on all my monitors and all but the Spectrum connect.

Hoping someone can help.

Hi there,

Sorry that you are experiencing issue with the monitor.

When you attempted to turn on the monitor, did the power LED light up? Did the screen power up normally, but no signal was detected?

Hi Cas,

Yes everything powers on normally, screen displays and I can cycle through input options.

Now here’s the weird thing, today, I plugged in my HDMI cable into HDMI 1 again (while DP was unplugged) and it didn’t work, then I plugged into hdmi 2 and it worked even though it didn’t work yesterday. So I plugged in DP and it didn’t work then I unplugged hdmi 2 while on DP and it suddenly worked.

Now I connect my laptop to HDMI 1 or 2 while DP is plugged in and it doesn’t work for my laptop but DP is still working while desktop is connected. I unplug dp and try again with my laptop and it doesn’t work.

I’m so confused.

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Hi there,

I am not sure now. If you can access the OSD, have you tried putting everything to factory default?

EDIT: I plugged the exact same hdmi cable back in with my laptop, with DP still plugged into desktop and now its working. I am beyond confused.

Please take this back to your product support team. I know there isn’t much you can tell them but, none of this makes sense lol

Yes this just sounds confusing haha

Is this all been done with the same cable? Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t? Could be an issue with the cable.

I will let the team know of this thread though! Glad it is working but if it stops again please let us know!