Monitor Not Switching Sources and Cannot Switch Profiles

Hey guys, firstly thanks for all the help from customers support, people working with dough/eve. I’ve had my monitor for about two months now. For the most part I am happy. I had no problems than needs to be sent back for. This could be knitpicking but being this is a pricey monitor I should be able to. I have my monitor connected to my xbox and pc. When having both on nd then shutting my xbox down it doesn’t recognize to switch displays to next hdmi like most monitors.

When having both my xbox on and my pc and then shutting one off, the monitor sometimes doesn’t recognize to switch inputs. I have to either turn off the monitor or turn off either PC/Xbox and then turn it back on for the spectrum to recognize it.

Also sometimes your preset profiles doesnt change profiles it just goes black and i would have to turn monitor on and off to fix it. Im pretty sure this can be an update. I just wanted to report in so that support can add it to next update.

Hi there!

Thank you for the recognition and happy to know that you are enjoying your Spectrum so far! (aside from a few quirks, which we will discuss more here)

Few things I want to confirm with you:

  • Which monitor do you own, the 4K glossy or the 4K matte? If you have the 4K matte, we have firmware updates (currently up to version 107) I recommend updating it to the latest version to see if it resolves your issue. Just make sure that you follow the installation instructions carefully!

  • For video detection, I believe you are running auto detect source?
    I believe this is something to do with timings when it comes to video input detection.

  • Can you please elaborate more on the preset profile setting? Is this something that happens consistently, or are there a few times that it works as intended?

I have the 4k matte. It is currently running on firmware 105. I will update and hope that this fixes the issue.
I am running on auto detection. But the input never changes. Ive tried manually selecting the input. But the only way it really fixes itself is if i turn everything off. And turn on one input.
The profile presets happen sometimes. Where i change from preset one to two and it just gives me a black screen. Usually the fix is to turn off the monitor and turn it back on and it turns on with the profile i want.
Also ive been noticing that when my pc goes into sleep mode and I wake it, it takes a while for the display to come back. For instance i have movie on and it went to sleep mode. I wud press spacebar to wake it and the movie will play for a minute or two with volume and the monitor will take a while to turn display back on.

Hi there,

Thank you for the feedback. Do let us know if updating the firmware does anything to resolve your issue.

The wake from sleep issue is something that is well documented from our side as it has been reported several times from a lot of sources.