Monitor not recognizing new PC

Seems eve spectrum isn’t recognizing my new PC. This is my first time with a gaming PC, it’s been factory reset before given to me. Ryzen 5, 3060 graphics card…anything I can do to make it show up?

It looks like it picks up the signal, but then it triggers the monitor to go into standby mode. Any ideas?

Which HDMI cable are you using? Is it one that’s rated for 4K?

Older HDMI cables weren’t designed with the same tolerances for interference and cross-talk. These issues can cause a bunch of signal errors, preventing a connection from being established.

Even if it’s a newer cable, they’re not always great. It’s not uncommon for them to have issues of various kinds. It’s worth trying another cable, if you have one around.

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Hi. Thank you, I tried 5 different hdmi cables and none of them worked. I ended up going to Best Buy and bought a DisplayPort to DisplayPort cable. It worked. No issues so far.

I don’t know what it is about the RTX 3000 series. So many people have had issues with them not working quite right over HDMI. At least DP works well enough, and DSC doesn’t affect the quality of what you see on screen.