Monitor goes great so far with a few issues

Had it for a few days and not noticed coil whine at least yet, and I’ve played some stuff at 4K/144Hz and HDR. Monitor I’ve noticed does get warm at least when pushing the above, but it’s fine to me. I’m coming from a monitor that had its fans kick in on hot days and was noticeably hot to the touch, so this is already a big improvement to me.

I have noticed two issues.
1 was very rare as I’ve only noticed once, but I switched to PC input on displayport, and it wasn’t as bright as it should have been. I checked HDR was enabled on windows so it wasn’t that. I switched to another input and back and it was fine again.

The other is more common, but still somewhat rare, but sometimes switching to an input, no sound will be output. Again switching inputs or turning monitor off/on fixes it.

Bit of a minor issue too, but auto select could do with more improvement. It seems to work fine on first boot up, but if you turn something else on, then turn off what the monitor is already set to, it won’t change to the other device and has to be manually set.

Not an issue but a recommendation/suggestion. I would like the option to change pressing left/right to enable cross hair/frame counter to change inputs instead. I’m going to be doing that more than enabling those options in my case anyway.

Other than those, monitors going great so far, loving the performance and and look of it, feels all nice build quality too.