Monitor frequently disconnect (black screen) then reconnect

With my PC on Windows 11 (Nvidia 3080 Ti) and my MacBook Pro (M1 Pro) I encounter a lot of disconnection, the monitor screen just disconnect and reconnect, sometimes once per hour, sometimes 10 times for a minute. It’s really annoying, for gaming or working. I don’t find any solution.

Does someone encounter this issue with his Spectrum?

Hey there,

What kind of disconnect exactly? Did the monitor at some point show “no signal”? or did it go blank/screen flicker?

Just to investigate, have you tried using a single monitor setup and see if you can replicate it?

Which firmware version is your Spectrum using? Have you updated it or is it still running the factory firmware?

If you are not yet running the latest firmware (v107), it’s worth seeing if it helps. You can download it from here.

There is also a firmware update for the USB hub on that download page. I’d only install this if the other firmware makes the 3080Ti more stable but the MacBook remains unstable.

Hi @Howins,

Just to make sure, were you talking about the ES07D03 model, or the ES07DC9 model (Spectrum 4k glossy)?

@Cas There is no message printed, it’s like a disconnection then a reconnection, a blank/screen flicker.

And yes I have the same issue with 1 or 2 monitor setup.

@NZgeek I use the last USB firmaware and the v107 firmware.
@Cas I have the 4K glossy but the model serie displayed is ES07D03

Hey @Howins

You are running FW v107 on the glossy 4K? These firmware versions are model specific and updating a glossy to 107 could cause stability issues as this model has a different chipset. The glossy should have came with v100 (107 equivalent out of the box).

@Aethel Oh when I saw that I was on v100 I though that I add to update it (v100 < v107) in my mind
How can I downgrade it?

Hey @Howins

We will have v100 on the website shortly for download so you can flash that and go back to 100. It is not necessarily a downgrade as it is the same as 107 but made specifically for the glossy model. I will let you know when its available for download, should be soon!

Ok thanks @Aethel , do you have more precision about the “soon”? In couple days or in 1-2 months?
And using the v107 on the glossy 4K is safe or it can damage the hardware?

No later than tomorrow most likely, using 107 on glossy probably wont damage the hardware but will most likely cause stability issues within the firmware. Lets revert back to 100 as soon as possible! I will message you when the link is available.


Perfect, thank you @Aethel ! :slight_smile:

Hi I have the ES07D03 monitor that I have been using with my PS5 for roughly 10 months. I started having “blacking out” issues after firmware update 1.04. Specifically with Call of Duty Vanguard and then it happened with Call of Duty Black Ops as well. The games were just unplayable with frame rates going crazy, screen blackout, and if I could even get into a game, mid-game screen blackout. I saw patch 1.07 would address this, however; it’s made my situation even worse. Any game that has compatibility with 120 Hz is unplayable unless I turn 120Hz off in the PS5 settings. Now, I’ve tried my settings on the monitor as well as my PS5 in every possible way including: VRR off/ on, HDR off/ on, switching these settings around to one of them on and the other one being off, etc. And the only way I can even load up these games (Call of Duty Vanguard, Call of Duty Black Ops, Rocket League, Fortnite.) Is by turning 120Hz mode off on the PS5. Perhaps the biggest reason in purchasing this monitor was the 120Hz capability with the PS5 so this is very troubling to me. Is there any way another firmware update could fix this?

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Hi there,

Welcome to the community! 107 update tackles the VRR compatibility with PS5, since it was implemented later down the road and proper testing couldn’t be done during the development of Spectrum ES07D03.

I completely understand that disabling high refresh rate defeats the purpose of the monitor. At this point, I would recommend downgrading to firmware version and see if this helps. You might want to disable the VRR function from PS5 and let us know how it works for you!

Hi there,

Scaler firmware V100 for ES07DC9 (Spectrum 4K glossy) has gone live on the website.

You can go ahead and download it :slight_smile:

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I have now the v100 firmware and I still have sometimes the black screen bug (with Macbook Pro connected in usb C and 3080 Ti connected in DP 1.4).

EDIT: Same issue with only the 3080 Ti connected in DP 1.4.

Hey @Howins

This disconnect, is it like a flickering? You might be able to try and disable G-Sync / VRR or adjusting the HDR settings to see what the result would be and if that is where the issue could lie.

I deactivate Adaptive-Sync to test

A bit, the monitor screen shut down (black without backlight) then come back (~3s).

Is the DP cable certified “DP8K DisplayPort”?

Also, if you are still experiencing issues if you could try doing a clean install of drivers by using DDU, and seeing if the problem gets resolved. Just make sure you have your new driver install package ready after the wipe and for extra safety, create a system restore point.