Monitor doesnt detect signal after using HDMI

I use 2 of the 4k monitors, while both are normally used for PC sometimes I change the input of the right one to HDMI for my PS5. Most of the time after doing this, whenever I try to switch it back to Display port or even the select automatically option, it says it can not detect a signal from my PC. I know my PC is fine because i tried doing this on another monitor.

Any suggestions? Im currently running firmware 106.



We’ve had reports on the PS5 not being able to detect or the monitor not being able to swap from the PS5 once connected in the past.

Try this - power off the Spectrum, power off the PS5, then power on the spectrum after the PS5 is fully powered off. Mind you, this is speculation on my part, as I don’t actually have a PS5, but unless you’re using a menu within the PS5 to power it off, this might work - but obviously, if you’re using the controller and a menu in the PS5 displayed on the monitor, then obviously it’s going to be pretty hard to turn the Spectrum off first…

Im actually having trouble going back to Displayport (PC) once i have been using my PS5. It doesnt even give me the option to switch inputs to it.

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So what does happen, or what do you see on your screen when trying? If you could use a cell to capture that, it would be helpful.

My Spectrum has twice locked completely between PS5 (HDMI) an Displayport. The screen and power LED did not come on at all the last time.
Only a full power off (SPECTRUM)from the power supply resolved the problem.
I have tried turning the PS5 off first and the Spectrum first, I suspected putting the PS5 into Rest mode caused it.
But I cannot cause it to happen (same as the yellow OSD which has not re-occurred yet)

Hi all,

I have a similar problem, but then switching from the PS5 on HMDI to my Mac at USB-C. I need to turn my Spectrum off and on to get my Mac screen back. And this only works when my Mac (Mac Studio) is asleep. If not, I really have to unplug the monitor. In some rare cases the monitor does come back (sometimes with a frozen screen, but that is being discussed in another thread).

I’ll do some additional testing this week, to see if I can provide some more detailed info.

I spent some more time playing around. One thing I did was enabling the option “Prevent your Mac from automatically sleeping when the display is off” in the Energy Saver settings in Mac OS 12.3.1. I also prevent the USB Hub from going to sleep when the display turns off. Once I do that and turn off the screen and then turn on the screen, I will see a black screen. The selector knob at the back (or whatever it is called) is also completely unresponsive in that case.

This all reminds me of an issue with a very old Mac of mine, where both the display and the Mac were waiting for each other to let them know they were there.

What I also notice, is that when I wake ups my Mac, the screen sometimes responds too slow, causing my Mac to go back to sleep. It does this when it does not detect a screen. Apple displays are very responsive. I’m guessing a bit here: But it could be that Mac OS has a very short window in which it expects a response from a display? If nothing comes back, it will go back to sleep. And then the ES07D03, will also go to sleep.

[Another edit]
Actually, I just read this:

Might be a MacOS issue…

Its just a black screen that says no signal and when i try to flip through the inputs there is no Display port option. I have to turn my PC off and on a couple times before i can select Display port again.

The list of inputs shouldn’t change depending on what you’ve got plugged in. I almost exclusively use DP and USB-C, but the two HDMI ports show up when cycling through the inputs.

Try cycling through the inputs a bit slower, and if you feel that one of your stick presses hasn’t done anything, wait for a second or two before pressing the stick again. You might find that there’s some UI lag when selecting DP, and that you’re cycling past it before the Spectrum has a chance to display the active source.

Thanks for the advice but i tried to slow down. DP is just not an option sometimes and it skips right over it. Even when it is an option i get a “no Signal” even though my PC is clearly on.

I get a similar issue whereby I can’t get a signal over DP from my PC after I’ve used my work laptop via HDMI.

I can flick through and select DP but no signal displays until I perform a power cycle. It does however let me go back to the HDMI source.