Monitor doesn't come on until Windows login

I absolutely love my Spectrum monitors! One thing i am a little flummoxed by is my monitor not not coming on until Windows login screen, not allowing me to see the boot screen or bios. I have to unplug my Spectrum and plug in my old monitor to access the bios.

Any suggestions? Is there a setting where I can change this?

Edit: fixed! I needed to flash the bios on my gpu (1080ti) to support Display Port 1.4 natively

Link if anyone needs it: NVIDIA Graphics Firmware Update Tool for DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4 Displays


i had this issue before. i no longer have this issues ever since i upgraded my motherboard to a z390-a and gotten an i9-9900k cpu. i get asus bios to appear instantly right after i turn my pc and monitor on. my old z270-a i wasn’t getting a boot screen. maybe try another spare motherboard if you have one lying around?

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I’ve got a i9-9900k in a Asus Maximus XI Extreme with latest bios. Unfortunately I don’t have a spare mobo to test with. But, if my previous monitor worked and showed boot screen, then surely it’s not the mobo?


what is your GPU? Is your HDMI cable 2.1 certified and on your on screen command, do you have hdmi set to auto, hdmi 2, or hdmi 1. also do you have the latest spectrum firmware 104?


GPU - 2x1080ti is SLI - Using DP cable 1.4. I haven’t installed the latest firmware. I’ll give it a try


I experience the same via DP, but not via HDMI. Until now, I thought this is due to that my motherboard (2011) has a non-UEFI BIOS that probably uses the classic 640x400@70Hz and/or 720x400@70Hz modes during boot, and Spectrum’s EDID lacks those modes.

But your CPU and motherboard are much more modern (2018), and BIOS is surely UEFI. So a regular video mode like 1024x768@60Hz is probably used during boot, so I’m now not sure what the issue reason is.

Also, Windows 7 shows flickering black screen with Eve Spectrum and cannot be used in my case.

I don’t have these issues with my Dell P2415Q 4K monitor I use via DP/MiniDP since 2015.

Having the same issue with my setup (ASUS x570-I / 5950x / RTX3080ti / HDMI 2.1 cable)

Any help that can be provided would be greatly appreciated.

Forgot to mention, have the latest firmware 104, and have tried setting the select input source to both “select automatically” and “HDMI 1” - no difference

I was having a similar issue with iGPU connected through display port, where sometimes different boot screens were skipped, and I had to replug cable to get it to display windows. S

Anyone have a fix? Support? :sweat_smile:

How I fixed mine was built a new pc with windows 11, spectrum firmware 104, and bought a certified hdmi 2.1 cable. Havent had any issues since I upgraded.

I have the same setup as you (ASUS x570-I / 5950x / ASUS TUF RTX3080ti / HDMI 2.1 cable)
I updated the latest firmware, Nvidia driver and an GPU bios update from ASUS in Aug, bought a premium HDMI cable, a lot of unplug/re-plug to different ports, then the issue was fixed. But I’m not sure which step exactly fixed the problem though.

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Thank you!!! The only thing I had not done compared to you was the GPU BIOS update (ASUS RTX3080ti TUF OC) - this fixed the problem for me.

I suggest that anyone else facing this problem start with this


This may be your issue. Nvidia releases firmware update to let you get into your BIOS again | PC Gamer


Need to look into that, but I still believe it’s EVE related, since on dual setup my other screen does show BIOS until EVE gets on and login screen jumps to that. Also on single screen setup, the other screen does show bios, but EVE not.

Have you tried the new v105 firmware? Some of the EDID information changed, which might make it work better prior to the login screen.


v105 did not fix the issue for me. Computer boot is still invisible via DP and only visible via HDMI.

I had this issue, update your GPU BIOS

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BIOS updates are only for 30 series of nVidia GPUs. My GPU is GTX 650 Ti Boost (2013), so this is not an option. With the same GPU via the same DP using the same DP cable, another 4K monitor — Dell P2415Q — shows computer boot with no problem.

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Exactly. Of no use to those of us with video cards that only support DP 1.2 / HDMI 2.0b - or lower. Not a (video) BIOS issue here.

We’re still working with the fw dev team to get a few more resolutions added to the EDID that have not been added yet. When we have more information on this I’ll update the topic.