Monitor Burn In (Fix?)


I was in a Discord chat for maybe 30 minutes, and this burn in happened? I have reset my cables, laptop and turned monitor on and off again. Still there, is there a fix for this? Haven’t even owned the monitor two years…

It’s not true burn-in. IPS panels can sometimes hold a residual charge, which causes some amount of burn-in like image retention. It will go away if the monitor is turned off for long enough.

Some people have this worse than others and nobody has quite figured out what the cause is it. But the good news is that there’s no permanent damage to your monitor.

As I have beens switching screens, it does seem to be fading. Is this a known issue for Spectrum? Or juts all monitors? How would I know if it was permanent?

I have had this issue also some times (my old thread with some more details), always has gone away after 30min or so. Also, it didn’t happen anymore on firmware 107, if you are not on that already it might be worth upgrading.

I am on Macbook Pro, and as far as I understand they haven’t released a way to upgrade firmware’s via Mac yet. So I really am unsure as to how to upgrade.

Hi there,

At the moment, in order to update from Mac is to use Parallel running Windows.

Mac updater is something that might be possible in the future, but definitely not something that can be confirmed at this point in time.