Monitor Blacking Out AND Never turning on from Sleep mode

I just don’t understand. Monitor blacks out often (anywhere from 3 - 8 seconds) and almost always NEVER turns back on from Sleep mode requiring me to reset my computer and sometimes killing power entirely because even after restarting, the screen stays blank while my second monitor boots up just fine. With all the frustrating delays just to receive this monitor, these kind of issues blow my mind. The other 4k 144hz monitors out there do not have these issues from what I gathered, why is it common with Spectrum? I normally don’t make posts like this nor engage in any forum but I need answers. It’s been happening for months now and I need to know why I waited almost 2 years for this monitor when one of the main selling points was to be the first to market when it ultimately wasn’t and is now costing me game, after game, after game.

Hi @DabbyKong,

Sorry that you are facing this issue. For momentary screen blanking, please see this topic.

In what scenario did the monitor blanks, is there something specific that took place, which might trigger this issue?

Currently we are working on our end and see what we can improve on firmware side. However if you can share your current setup as well so we can better troubleshoot.

The blanking happens randomily, there is no pattern to it or precursor. It just goes blank and I sit here waiting for the screen to reappear. Sometimes it happens back to back.

Aside from the blanking, why does the monitor not wake up from sleep mode? I now turn my pc off every single time im not on it because of the monitor never waking up from sleep mode without cutting power to it. Even after I restart my pc when it doesn’t wake up from sleep, my Spectrum won’t show anything but my second Alienware monitor works fine. I don’t like having to cut power to my whole setup just to alleviate the faulty monitor as I’m scared I’ll damage something else in my setup.

Hi @DabbyKong,

Depending on the setup, but VRR setting is something that you might want to take a look at. Have you also tried switching cables?
As I said above, we are still looking at possibility to relieve this from firmware side.

There is another topic discussing about waking up from sleep mode.

Im using all the cables I bought with the monitor. Is it possible they could be the issue?

Hi @DabbyKong,

It is a possibility. I cannot say for sure until different cables are tested.

Turning VRR setting seem to solve the issue for some people as well.

It sounds like there’s 2 separate issues here: the blanking, and waking from sleep mode.

I don’t have issues with blanking, but I have noticed that the Spectrum will sometimes not wake from sleep and be stuck on a black screen. Unplugging and re-plugging the display cable doesn’t do anything, and the power button on the back of the Spectrum is also unresponsive. The only way to recover is to remove the power cable for a few seconds.

This happens far more frequently with my work laptop (an Intel-based MacBook Pro) than it does with my personal gaming PC.

As a side note, on my gaming system, I’ve found that my Spectrum doesn’t always report that it’s G-Sync compatible when it first connects. It sometimes needs me to turn it off and on again via the power button on the back. I’m beginning to suspect that these might be related, e.g. some bad code in the signal handshake that can skip important steps.


I’m having EXACTLY the same issues as OP. Blanking only seems to happen on HDMI regardless of resolution/refresh rate. Display port works fine but i’m stuck at 120hz. the power wake from sleep issue is highly annoying because the only fix to get it to wake up is to disconnect it from power entirely and wait for 10 seconds or more then plug it back in. I changed the monitor LED Power state standby color to a slow pulse bright orange so I could see what it was doing when these issues occur, and in the wake on sleep issue, the power LED returns to it’s default steady on blue state. I’m changing the steady on state to a slow pulse purple to see if the monitor is defaulting to some third state when this issue occurs other than ON/Standby.

Multiple cables tested, Graphics powered by nVidia RTX 3090. 8k high speed hdmi cables used in all cases rated for 4k 144hz.

Edit: Firmware version is 105.

HI @Jason_Hoopes,

Can I start off by saying, Welcome to the Community :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear that you are having issues with your Spectrum, the blanking is a known issue that we are trying to resolve in time for v107. If you have not done so already, please fill out the polls in the below topic.

Regarding the power wake from sleep issue, Please can you contact support and they should assist you further.

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My monitors always stay black and don’t wake up after being away from my computer for a while. I always have to unplug the AC power and plug it back in. Simply turning off and on the monitor with the power button doesn’t work, nor does switching the input back and forth (from say USB C->DisplayPort->USB C).

This happens I would say 90% of the time when my computers sleep. Sometimes it manages to wake up by some miracle. But I’m constantly having to unplug and plug my monitors throughout the day and its infuriating.

It happens on both my Windows (Radeon 6900XT) via Display Port, and all other devices I have tried via USB-C (Macbook Pro (Intel and M1), Windows Laptop, Linux Laptop). It has also happened through firmware 105, 106 and 107. I don’t recall this happening on v104 but unfortunately 104 had other significant problems with Mac and USB-C.

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Hi @Triebr,

We are sorry that you are experiencing this. This is a known issue and we are currently working on it. Just to clarify, did the monitor manage to detect any signal at all, when you restart the computer after entering the sleep state?

Hmm I hadn’t tried restarting the computer. It just happened again and I added it to the list of things I have tried:

  • Restart monitor using power button [Remained black]
  • Un plug and re plug in display cable (from computer side) (USB-C or DisplayPort) [Remained black]
  • Switch monitor to another display input and back again. [Remained black]
  • Rebooting the connected computer (Macbook over USB-C) [Remained black]
  • Switching the USB-C cable to a different computer. [Remained black]
  • Unplug AC power and plug it back in [Worked]

I should also note that while the monitor remains black, my computers (All OS I have tried (Windows/Mac/Linux) still recognize it as a display (cursor/windows can move there, etc), but nothing is seen on the screen. The USB hub also still works while in this state.

Since this issue reproduces very reliably for me, happy to help troubleshoot and try anything else.

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Hi @Triebr,

This is helpful thank you so much.

We just need a little more information, so we can try to replicate it on our end:

  1. What is your primary device? Do you always have both devices connected at the same time? Try disconnecting the MacBook and see if the problem resolves for you.
  2. You said you are connected via DP, I assume you are on version 1.4?
  3. Do you happen to know what cable brand you are using for the video connections?

Have absolutely same problem.
Windows 11, RX5500. DP, HDMI does not matter. Any resolutions, refresh rate, freesync on/off.

If monitor goes to sleep or turn off by button, it is wake up/turn on into a black screen. Only plug out, plug in power helps.

1.05, 1.07 firmwares.

Hi there,

Sorry that you are experiencing this issue. Has this been a consistent experience for you, or has there been a few occasions when it wakes up like normal?

No situations when it was normal.
Previous monitor 3440x1440 /144hz works fine.

I had the same issue. I connected to a Steam Deck via USB-C and when going back to my pc I got the black screen. And only solved unplugging the ac power and plugging back on. (Thanks community!)
Normally it is connected via DisplayPort to laptop and sometimes plug in a Macbook Air M1. Both OS recognizes even though is just black on screen.
Firmware 105

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