MJ from England/Dubai

Hiiiiii, im MJ from well originally England but currently in Dubaii. Anyway i just wanted to say hi and tell you that you guys have done a damn good job with all this its flipping amazing. Also i gave some feedback on the teck talk page about how i would like to a see a V phone and gave some features and tech that i would like too see on it so check it out and reply with what you might want to see in the V phone. Thankss. MJ


Hey Muhammad, welcome to the community! Sorry for no replies to your introduction, but community had already so many discussions about a eve phone… Just stay tuned and vote with us for the next device soon after V was shipped!!!

Hi and welcome mj from a fellow brit!

As-salaamu Alaikum Mohamed, welcome to EVE community.

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Welcome to the community!
I used to study at Abu Dhabi, UAE is such a lovely country to live in :grin: