Mitch from Hong Kong

Hi! I’m one of the Eve i7 Early Bird Backers! I’m a Techie and a Mechanical Keyboard Enthusiast. I ordered the V hoping to replace my Surface Pro 4, hoping for better I/O (I’ve migrated to USB-C), better battery life, and I can’t wait for the V to be shipped!


Welcome to the community!

Kudos! Hope you like it :wink:

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Hi there! Good to here someone from HK, too. I am also a mechanical keyboard enthusiast (the capacitive switch to be precise). Am also looking forward to my i7 V.


Good to see you guys here! Welcome to the community! I’ll let you guys know if I’ll be able to come there during my trip. I’ll still be here in SZ until next friday :wink:


Also from HK here… The reader/luker kind… Eagerly awaiting to get my hands on my V i7/1GB/512GB…


We just have to hold up until Late Aug/ Sep, hopefully.

Speaking of Hong Kong, are we still on for a meetup?

I’m in if it happens… :+1::facepunch::muscle:

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