Military grade tablet

When soldiers are overseas there can be huge amounts of downtime either on base or even in the field. I can’t begin to count the number of people who came back with smashed screens or other types of the typical physical damage that electronics are subjected to, but even more so in a war zone as I’m sure everyone can imagine. Instead of allowing the people, who fight all over the world so that the evils in this world cannot prevail, to be forced to spend what little money we tend to make during this time (60,000 USD average), on $100 iPad covers that CLAIM to be military grade, and corning gorilla glass that SWEARS it will not crack, why not design a product for these men and woman where military grade means you can kick this thing like a foot ball and landing on concrete completely unscathed?


Yes those are available as Toshiba Toughbooks.


I’m going to be devils advocate here.

Making (and especially selling to) any military equipment has it’s special set of difficulties.

  1. It needs to be extremely secure, which costs a lot. If that isn’t the issue because it’s a personal device and it’s allowed on a mission, etc, you can ignore this argument.
  2. It needs to be extremly durable, like you mentioned. You can either go the cheap, plastic route. Or the more expensive exotic material route (like porcelain for example). However, a screen will still be glass. And glass breaks, no matter the toughening someone puts in it. The only alternative is plastic, which scratches very very easily, and thus is not preferred by mass consumers (generally, Nintendo Switch has a plastic screen).
  3. Durable builds are not sleek, slim and generally not that good looking. Depending on the taste of course. But majority would prefer a sleek looking device over a bulky one.
  4. Military, while big, is not an ideal target group. It’s quite small compared with general consumers. As you stated, the pay isn’t that great so they won’t spend that much. They usually have quite specific needs that counter those of general public. And even if those needs are met, not even everyone in the military will profit since you’re not abroad/on a mission 24/7
  5. The obvious moral dilemma. By supporting an army you can’t be neutral with it’s missions.

So, there a numerous objections. There are still companies that make these devices of course. There is a market for either way. But if I were to place myself in the shoes of Eve management, it doesn’t look attractive at all. Eve isn’t a mature company. A bad selling product could bankrupt it. A company like Dell, HP, Acer, Lenovo, Toshiba, etc. Those can gamble with such devices. But as you will find, they aren’t cheap either.

I’m not saying you’re wrong and such devices shouldn’t exist. I’m saying Eve shouldn’t make them.

Corning claims it won’t crack as easily as normal glass. It will still crack.


Are not they Panasonic Toughbooks?

Yeah you are right. It’s Panasonic not Toshiba