Microsoft V giveaway? Lol

Probably not enough people are entering Surface pro 4 giveaways so they decided to run V giveaway :smiley:

P.S. From our customer base we can see that almost all of the big brands got one V to benchmark against their products.


Hehe, too bad this only works in the US :smile:

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Since it’s US exclusive, send us a screenshot of this :wink:

there you go sir!


Judging by the resolution, it’s a screenshot from a V :heart_eyes:


or a Surface Pro 4, you never know xD


Blasphemy! :joy:
{20 char limit)


SP 4 with multi red backlight keyboard:D


which is 100% legit because the V keyboard can connect to the SP4 via Bluetooth :joy:


when i can’t speak for others, @Konstantinos, it’s nice having you posting today from a timezone only 4800 KM and 3 hr away vs 9 hr and 7500 km!

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I noticed that you have BatteryBar on the taskbar, can you show us the screenshot of it?

Or better, the battery report

Awesome… just registered for it. Let’s see if I’m lucky :slight_smile:

Same here. I stumbled across it early this morning. I was very surprised to see the V on the Bing rewards page!

It’s been forever since I’ve signed into my Microsoft account to look at my points. Looks like I have over 7,000. I’m so glad those things didn’t expire…


There you go!
I have to say that I have different battery from the one we will use but still gives rough idea. It says 64WH but its actually 48.

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I really really love the V’s color in the marketing images …It’s what drew me to it in the first place. Having not seen a live one, @Mike and @Konstantinos how close will the final V’s color be to that? I’m hoping a match.

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Yeah. It will be lighter than prototypes. Trust me color is quite awesome!


I entered. Crossing my fingers.
:crossed_fingers::joy: :heart_eyes:


@Konstantinos or @iKirin Is there a shareable link for this? If I try to use the above link to share, it either tells me “wrong country or region”, or it gives me a link to the Microsoft Accounts page. I can’t find a direct link.

That is the direct link. There is nothing more direct than that :smile: But bing rewards only work in the US, so if you’re not there it throws you out. If you want to look at it, try using a proxy or VPN to bypass the block :slight_smile:

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