Microsd card io error

Hi there,

Anyone experience a io error when inserting a sd card in the internal slot?

I recently purchased toshiba 16gb sd cards, model no m203.

Eve doesn’t recognise them. however if i use an external usb reader, its fine. Its also ok on my mac.

heres the screenshot of the device manager sd storage controller screen.


Try reinstalling the driver (sometimes the simplest way is to just uninstall the driver from device manager and reboot the computer). This honestly sounds like a hardware error, but hopefully it’s not.

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Looking at your screenshot, it might have a problem finding the SD Card reader drivers, which is a bit odd.

I agree with @Jamil_Stafford here. Worse case scenario is it’s a loose cable inside the V, or it’s a faulty card reader. Please let us know if you can get it working.

nope, never got it to work with the toshiba micro sd cards. everything else seems fine. its probably only the 2 toshiba cards.

who knows.

i tried everything. in the end it was cheaper and faster to get sandisk ones.