Merging regional accounts


I’ve (mistakenly?) ordered a Spectrum on the INTL website but I’m located in France.

I’ve received an email today to settle the balance but I can’t select France in the address form when completing my order.

Furthermore, I cannot change the region of my account. Now I’m stuck and have to contact support to manually switch my account…

Perhaps switching region should be an option directly on our user account settings :slight_smile: (although not sure why separating regions is needed in the first place)


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Hey @Kelsett,

May I congratulate you on your early order discount!
Do not worry support will respond, and resolve the current complications you are experiencing with our balance payment system.
This is an ongoing problem that’s in process of being resolved. Just be sure to contact Eve support to get your order changed to the EU store, and to pay in Euros.

Also, do not worry your order spot will be saved while the team work on rectifying the current regional issues.

In my personal opinion all accounts should have been in one database to work coincide with other regions. Automatically changing currency based on region etc.
For the time being though this is the current system.

It could be something the Eve team could look at updating in the future! To avoid potential issues like this arising again.