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The short answer to this popular question is:

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(Sorry if this is the wrong category, I’m new here and the forum setup is confusing)

I’m curious as to whether or not there will be any support for Linux OSes (even just the main ones?) on the PF? I currently own a SP3 which has both Fedora Linux and Windows 10 on it because I need each for different situations (I’m a coder, but also needing to take notes!). The one thing that has stuck with me with the Surface is that the linux support is abysmal, and even with all of the patches that the SurfaceLinux community puts to it, it tends to be extremely buggy in most of the popular Linux distributions.

So my question is whether or not there will be any support/ability to run Linux on the PF, either in dualboot or just pure Linux?


Welcome to the community! :slight_smile:
It could have went to the PF features category, but no big problem here. I can transfer it for you :slight_smile:
Linux support is pretty much guaranteed, there will be no obscure unsupported hardware, well at least Eve guys promised so. There are also some plans on selling the device with Ubuntu Touch by default. Well, that is if Canonical manages to fix their bugs in time. Or just regular Ubuntu, because some people already have, or can get, Windows licenses from elsewhere. So the PF would optionally sell with Linux and without Windows, for a cheaper price. Here’s a whole thread about that (interesting bits are at the bottom):
Please tell us what you think and give any suggestions you may have :slight_smile: the hardware part is pretty much finalized, although we can still add minor corrections; but software is all open for suggestions. Just keep in mind that Eve is a small team, and they want pretty much everything to run out of the box when installing fresh Windows. In other words, the closer to plain Windows, the better. Because we don’t like bloatware.


Welcome to the community @VoidWhisperer!

As @pauliunas said there are no restrictions to run Linux on the ▼ and make sure to leave your thoughts in the thread @pauliunas linked you. We are now in talks with Canonical and we are discussing their potential support for our device.

Also, it would be great if you have any suggestions on how to make forum structure clearer. What exactly seemed to be confusing? It would be very helpful to know!


Hello Void, welcome to our forums! :slight_smile:

As a fellow coder I can feel your pain - and we should have Linux running on the PF. As far as I saw it on the PatchNotes for the SP3, my guess is that the PF should work pretty straight out of the box. Maybe 1-2 proprietary drivers will be needed, especially for the audio I can imagine that happening.

Other than that the PF should pretty much work just fine.

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Audio should work with generic drivers… Because the parts that influence SQ the most are the DAC and the amplifier, which all work with the same standards and work with the same generic audio driver. But @Konstantinos mentioned something about “codec”, which I think is not needed at all (well, unless it’s ultra-cheap), because all the decoding can be done very easily by software. Audio has very low bitrate compared to even very low-res video, and even FullHD video decoding is done pretty fine by software on modern processors. But that codec would probably require a custom driver…
Other than that, I can see a potential driver problem with eGPU support… I’ve heard that some mac users are having problems with that, but it works in Windows. This should be further investigated, as I don’t really know what I’m talking about here xP


eGPU is not the main focus of the PF, I think @VoidWhisperer wasn’t really talking about that, but you’re right I haven’t heard anything about eGPU support on Linux - only on Windows up to now.

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My main issue with the forum structure is that it’s not 100% clear where to post something, and what forums should be kept clean for official stuff and what not :slight_smile:

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Feel free to post anywhere you want. Basically, everything related to the device goes to blue categories (design and features). Orange is off-topic, like introductions or just chit-chat (we always appreciate that if it’s something related to tech industry, as it’s a good way to generate new Eve ideas). And then there’s the “what’s next” category where we discuss future projects from Eve. So if you have any thoughts on what should be made after we finish the PF, feel free to post them there.
By the way, if you have a new idea that hasn’t been noted anywhere else, you should either create a new thread or post them in this thread:
It’s easier to track all the suggestions that way :slight_smile:

And keep in mind that all the categories are open, you can post anywhere - except maybe the announcements category. But even if you post there, we won’t kill you haha :smiley: In the end, this forum has different permissions, so you shouldn’t be able to post where you’re not supposed to post.

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Its about drivers for eGPU. Not OS.

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Yeah the problem is that Linux doesn’t have good eGPU drivers…

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Yes, and drivers are OS-dependent :wink: As of now I’m not aware of a eGPU-enabled driver for Linux unfortunatly :confused:


Well, Linux is a community driven project so hopefully, someones are gonna tackle with that issue :slight_smile:


I might switch from MacBook Pro to the V, if it has solid Linux support. You say it should work right out of the box, but could someone in the team test it out? Surely you must have a Linux head in your team, being in Finland and all. :slight_smile:


They won’t test it out in their team and were very clear about this. If it works or not will be found out when the first devices reach buyers / testers etc. Untill then we have to wait.

Thanks, Tirigon. Where did you find this information?

Linux isn’t a priority for Eve but iirc they haven’t said that they won’t look into it. But for sure a few community members will try to put linux into the Eve V :wink: @shadowbrush it’ll probably get sorted out and should work fine. If it doesn’t, someone here will find a workaround :wink:

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They were very clear they don’t have the capacity for the V to look after Linux; see this thread here for the discussion and up-to-date info:

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Thank you, Tirigon. Yeah, no official support for Linux, but the community manager said he’d try it out on a prototype. Thanks for lending a voice to the Linux crowd. The discussion makes me hopeful, but I will wait ordering until there’s hard data.

I can understand that. I too hope that with all those great guys who are interested in Linux (and there are a few) we can make it happen.