[Merged] Early reviews of Spectrum monitors?

I was wondering if there is a time frame for when the early/initial reviews of the monitors are going to happen?


The way i see it is that Eve told us that they’d announce shipping 8 weeks before the actual date. Given that they estimate this date in Q4, this’ll mean sometime mid to late November, making the announcement date sometime in mid to late September. Assuming that the final product is made slightly before announcement, I’d imagine that they would send monitors to review around the same time. This is just speculation though…


My worry is that due to the release of GeForce Ampere cards, AMD Big Navi and Zen 3, as well as all the hardware to fuel them all are getting released around that time, these reviewers may be hard pressed to post content about spectrum at relevant times.

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We’re in contact with several big name reviewers and tech sites whom are interested in posting a review. We’re aware of the big hardware changes coming up, which all require their time and attention both from the reviewers as well as the readers/viewers. Luckily we still have some time left before those start popping up.

At this point I can’t give you a clear date as this is also dependent on when we (as a team) can review the units, meaning: when we can visit the factory as a lot of countries still prohibit travel. Sorry for the unsatisfactory answer but that’s the gist of it


OK thank you for the reply.


If I could suggest some content creators. I would suggest: Dave2D, MKBHD, and Brandon Taylor/BTUnplugged


Moore’s law is dead was searching for some good monitor with similar specs, and even mentioned eve spectrum in his video.


Hardware Unboxed should definately be one of the first reviewers - But doubt Eve has the balls…

Harbour boxed…
Hammer on box…


Please looking into having Rtings.com review the product!


Rtings does not accept review units. They buy there unit based on the voting they have periodically. When Spectrum has launched you can vote on Spectrum for them to review :slight_smile:

@DannitheTechie suggestions are always good! No promises though


Yeah, hardware unboxed does really good and detailed monitor reviews, hope to see review from him.


I would suggest Linus Tech Tips as well if no one has suggested it already. While they may not review it on their main channel I am sure they will review it on their newest Short Circuit channel.


While I like LTT for many things - on the matter on monitors I would almost steer clear - as they usually recommend high end monitor, and they them selves more or less say that especially monitor reviews isnt their best…

Pr. James, LTT, recommendation I picked up the Asus 27" ips gaming monitor and within 1 day returned it as it somewhat the worst monitor I have ever tried. But Hardware Unboxeds review dropped the day after the return and confirmed everything I expirenced so they are my “guru” when it comes to monitors.

Admittedly I jumped the gun on that monitor, bcs the LG one was sold out everywhere and was on a 25% price hike due to demand…

Hardware Canucks are acively taking steps to improve their monitor reviews.


Yes I agree that they are not experts on monitor reviews, but I will draw your attention to the beginning of your comment. After seeing it on their channel you went out and bought the LG monitor. They have a lot of viewers and it makes sense to send review units to all the big players to increase the chances of people seeing it and buying. I agree that they should send units to the other channels you mentioned as well.


Pcmonitors.info (youtube + website) in my opinion has the best monitor reviews. I think EVE should still consider influencers like LTT for marketing purposes, they have a huge audience and are easy to impress.


For the German audience: prad.de is very good.


Would you like to namedrop some of the reviewers that have accepted?

As stated earlier in this thread, I agree that LTT is a good case for marketing, public awareness and “light” feedback…

That being said, please have the ba**s to send (all three monitors - at least the “base”, QHD 144HZ) to an in-depth reviewer like “Hardware Unboxed” (YouTube). We will all get a fair and good in-depth review, compared to the other monitors on the market.
If you are confident that it will stand the test of time (for which it is relevant), this is the place to do it :slight_smile:

Haven’t ordered, but really want to - looks amazing! :slight_smile:
However, the feedback from the community is vital in my decision.

Thanks - looking forward to your replay.


Greetings, @NordicParis!

Thank you for your interest in our Spectrum! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Here, we would love to answer your questions wherever applicable.

We will send our Spectrum out to content creators so that you guys can see third-party, unbiased reviews. Moreover, we would like to reveal more details when the shipping date gets closer and more things to become settled. You may read more about it in the following quote.


I’d love to see a comparison with LG 27GN950-B from Hardware Unboxed or rtings.

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I think there will be no hdmi2.1 device available by the time spectrum came out. There will have little differences as they share the same panel.