[merged discussion topic] A Surface Book-like keyboard for the V

First of all hello everyone I am new here (just found about eve).

I don’t know if this idea has been brought up before but I couldn’t find anything (sorry if there is already a post like this or if I posted in the wrong category…)

What I would really like is if there was a keyboard base for eve not just a soft attachable keyboard but a base like the microsoft surface has…Before you question me hear me out. Let’s say I am on an airplane and I want to do some writing or programming, I would have to place the eve in my lap which I imagine it’s not very comfortable ( many time I place the laptop on my lap )
… with the 2 in 1 soft keyboard desing it has to sit on a table ( I imagine). So I would love to see an add on (official or 3rd party) keyboard Base (it could also give the eve some extra battery and some extra ports not that you need them just saying).
What do you think guys ? Is there anything already mentioned about an add-on like this ?


Hi @Nick_Athanasiou!

I agree that a keyboard base would be a very interesting option for later down the line - however for that use-case you described right now (you’re traveling in the train e.g.) we’ve equipped the V and the V keyboard with bluetooth - the moment you disconnect it via the PogoPins the V keyboard should just switch to Wireless.

For the battery/extra ports: To make it super short - I can’t see that happening. Because for that our pogopins at the bottom would have had to be designed quite differently to allow charging of the V / access of extra ports.


Thanks for the quick response!
I see…i would just like to see and add on like that later on( and the eve v already has enough ports) .
Waiting for the release now.

What if Eve was to make a accessory that “locks” the keyboard to the V? It doesn’t have to be big, or fancy, just a nice fitting hinge-like thing that keeps the keyboard and tablet at a user defined angle?


Hey guys, while at the local BestBuy, I saw this…it’s a Bluetooth keyboard that actually converts the surface pro 4 into a laptop!!

I think with some adjustments (with how it locks into place) we could make something similar with a larger trackpad. Bluetooth, plus a better lapability). We could even include the multi-color and a extra battery.

What do you guys think?


Nice idea but if I wanted a normal laptop I wouldn’t get a 2 in 1?

For me and I believe this was the community concensus, we value portability and lightness (if that is a word!)


Nice. But I’m with Kee. For better lapability you need weight in the keyboard because V is almost 900g. This is a issue even Surface Book can’t eliminate…


I actually think this is kind of a cool idea. But here’s the thing. I own a SP3 and the keyboard is already back lit, is fairly comfortable to type on, and has a decent track pad (and V’s keyboard will have Bluetooth). So essentially they are asking me to pay $150 for slightly larger keys and a metal body.

I suppose it might help slightly with lapability but it’s a minor gain. I don’t know why so many people are always complaining about it being hard to use a 2in1 on their laps :confused:. I do it all the time. I suppose it might be slightly worse than a laptop, but cmon people, it’s not that bad.

I suppose for new SP buyers this might be an interesting option since the keyboard is not bundled with the device. But most of them should probably buy V instead! :smiley:


Who says that you ALWAYS want a normal laptop? Switching from the classic 2in1 to a laptop convertible (and back) with just replacing the keyboard is an interesting option.

I would like to see an keyboard like this for the V with an USB PD battery and an SD card reader (and maybe LTE). Basically switching the V from daily use into a travel mode.


I tried it and the lapability is (for me) a major improvement. One other thing that is difficult with the SP/V design - you can’t hold the keyboard (with the V) and type. With this, I was able to hold the keyboard with the SP attached, and could type with the other hand.

While it might not be the best idea with a $1000 item, I find myself (occasionally) in situations where it would be helpful to be able to type while standing.


Hmm interesting. would you say the brydge keyboard is poorly balanced (top heavy) when the Surface is attached in that the top tends to wobble of feel like it will tip the ‘laptop’. or would you say it is as well balanced as it could be considering the weight of the Surface or is there room for improvement.

also would you rather the base had extra battery plus several ports and maybe even some more speakers instead of just being a weighted keyboard?

I ask because I will be posting several concepts in the coming weeks in the What’s Next section. been veraciously reading all the concepts/ ideas/ wants and desires of everyone in the community.

this is my first comment :slight_smile:


This is an interesting proposal. Most of the people don’t like to type on the flat keyboard. Designing a “Laptop”- keyboard with the most discussed missing parts for the V. Big second battery for the lapability-weight-issue, LTE, SD card reader maybe and a mechanical connection which could be attached instead of the kickstand (3 screws). An d you can make a V laptop…


I tried it in the store, even at the extreme angle of 160 degrees, it felt stable.

I would prefer it to have extra battery, LTE and/or a little thinner.

The V is about 100 grams heavier, but if we put the majority of the weight in the front of the keyboard, I think the unit would be stable.


For me the main consideration was long battery life. The V is one of the heaviest 2-1s around. I believe that was to maximize the battery life and the performance of the processor - while still having a “reasonable” weight. But even if “we” choose this as a majority, there are many others that have slightly different use cases.

As the community grows, there might be reason to develop accessories to support other situations.

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I like that keyboard.

Only issue would be the overall weight and its distribution.
I do however think it’s a problem that can be solved.

That thing is totally awesome, pity I couldn’t find a info about battery lifetime. Considering buying it for my surface.

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I don’t like the bulky hinge. Looks cheap…


It states “up to 3 months”…

Under technical specifications:

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I agree. I think we could make something much nicer. If I had my choice, I would have it the same color as the bezel and run across the bottom, rather the small hinge. But I’m sure if the design team at EVE starting looking at this, they could do an awesome job!


Hard thing that they charge over 300$ for the 128gb version and that it’s only available in us. O don’t think that a ssd over Bluetooth is much faster than an micro SD card.

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