Megathread: PayPal killing small businesses / individual sellers

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It’s been a while I closed my Paypal account.
It was when they decided unilaterally to change their conditions declaring to own, sell and share, every information they got own you, the way they fucking’ pleased. And when they tried to make sure that they could do whatever they want with your money, and including a shitload of abusive clauses to their contract. That was 4 or 5 years ago.

Fuck’em, fuck that piece of shit company that always clearly abuse of their dominant position.
Paypal was a good company only at its beginning.
You really have to not read anything you sign to think making business with Paypal is somewat a good idea.


In this case it hurts Eve and its customers, deeply,
may this occur is not expected by anyone

After finished all orders in this sales, will eve have next sales also using PayPal? That’s fine if eve get lots of funds from investors already, shouldn’t have more delay cause by this… Kons shouldn’t want this happen again

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I will stop my PayPal account immediately! :rage:

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You captured in clear expressions what many of us feel. :muscle::clap:

After failing to get a refund or sufficient follow up from EVE after they did not delivery my purchase, I was forced to go through PayPal to get remediation.

A family member of mine was going to college this fall and I could not afford to wait another 4 months for delivery.

Had I kept on waiting like others, my family member would have gone to school without a required bit of kit.

I don’t fault others for waiting, nor for seeking refunds.

The reality is, PayPal did right by me by getting my payment refunded and I was able to purchase a different (cheaper/faster…etc.) solution in time for fall classes. [Lenovo X1]

I don’t doubt this caused frustration on the part of EVE, which is unfortunate.
But, they are not my concern.
My family member is, as is their well being.

I was a December flash sale buyer.