Meetup in Vilnius? :)

Continuing the discussion from Prototype Testers! Meet up anybody?:

Because we all know you want to see Eve V in real life :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: (and get these awesome V-T-shirts)
Also you’ll get to see Vilnius with a local guide (me!) if you come from abroad :smiley:

I haven’t chosen a venue yet since I don’t know if anyone will come :smile: and of course it depends on the number of people :slight_smile: But we’ll make it awesome, trust me!

@Mauro_Agnoletto is in Vilnius from April 6, so let’s hold it the following weekend :slight_smile: I don’t know if I will still have my batch 1 prototype, but since it doesn’t go to anyone else after me, I’ll (selflessly) try to convince Eve guys to let me show it to you :smiley: Or, alternatively, we can have it around April 24 when I have the 3rd batch prototype :slight_smile:

So what do you guys think? :slight_smile:


I could probably come on most of the following weekends, if I find somebody to join and entertain me on the bus ride, but definitely can’t after the 6th of April :frowning:

but don’t mind me since I’m not sure, if I’ll come anyways :stuck_out_tongue: vilnius would be nice though since I haven’t been there for four years and it’s beautiful :+1: will let you know, if I find someone to join me :wink:

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Your 3rd batch will probably (and hopefully) come at the same time as my hyper early V. So no reason to meet up :smile: unless, I will have a problem with my V - then Pauliunas I will call you, for sure :smile:

However, every European community meet can be organised in Vilnius because it is in the centre of Europe! So everybody will have to travel approximately same amount of time and everybody will be equally charged for it :wink: Except Lithuanians, but hell, there aren’t many of these here :smile:

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Well yeah, haven’t thought about that :smile:
@SyrtakiVampir sure, let me know if you decide to come here :slight_smile:

Seems like they won’t take my prototype yet :smiley: so if anyone wants to see it on April 8 (or 9), let me know :slight_smile:
We probably won’t get V-shirts though… There are few of us and we didn’t even notify Eve well in advance… (I mean, it would be funny asking for 2 T-shirts, hehe)

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Count me in, I want to see it :slight_smile:

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@anon37669791 @rapolaskas @SyrtakiVampir @Mauro_Agnoletto

I have bad news for you guys - my prototype doesn’t turn on anymore :sob: what can I say, it didn’t survive @pauliunas :smile:
Maybe I’ll manage to get it fixed - I already sent @Mike a PM about it - but for now it’s only a hope… :frowning:

That’s exactly what you’re supposed to do.
Don’t worry at all.
I’ll be in Vilnius on those days and we can meet for a coffee with or without the prototype…
…speak soon.


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Show dem’ skillz!!! :wink:

Hey is led light at USB port blinking? What happened? :slight_smile:

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I went too deep into the BIOS :joy: In fact I just changed some TDP-related settings hoping to make XTU work when setting PL1 above 7W… And since then, the screen doesn’t turn on. When I turn it on, the white LED lights up like normal. It doesn’t blink, it just lights up, like it always used to. And there’s the familiar coil whine if charger is connected and I turn it on… And if I keep tapping the delete button while booting and then press F4 and enter, it shuts down (the LED turns off). Which means it can boot into BIOS (F4 is save and exit). Basically all symptoms are showing that the screen is dead… That’s really weird because it happened exactly the moment when I pressed save and reset in BIOS, although I didn’t change any screen-related settings there. Maybe it works, but the backlight doesn’t work anymore. It doesn’t light up while booting - normally I would see white spots on the screen when it lights up, and now it just remains all dark.

Hmm it might be the display cable! Cause in earlier prototypes it is shorter! Hmmm. It would be great if you could either send it back to us or try to maybe open it up (not going to be easy:)). Try tapping it on the back and seeing if screen turns on.


should I just hit it in the back and expect the cable to get back in place? :smile: Well, if that doesn’t work I can try opening it up (just need to grab mom’s hair dryer), that would be a fun thing to do :smiley: only with your permission though, as @iKirin said it’s not allowed


I would actually think it’s the cable too, but what’s interesting is that it started doing this the exact moment I pressed “save and reboot”… so I thought it was something related to BIOS settings (or a bug). But now that I tried resetting default settings by using F3 and it didn’t help, I think it might be just a coincidence.

We grant it! You can try it out and see what happens at your own risk (we are company after all)


if you do pull it apart, be sure to take lots of pictures!


So, what happens if it breaks? :smiley: I can’t afford paying you $1000 for it :smile:

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It’s ok if it breaks its a proto test after all but I have to make a disclaimer in case if you get somehow injured. Don’t know how but gotta warn you :smiley:


Like, half of the screen glass gets stuck in my forehead? Yeah, that can happen pretty easily… :smile: OK thanks, I will get some more tools tomorrow :slight_smile: too bad I have an exam on saturday :smile:


Saturday? That’s harsh :sweat_smile: