Media control keys only work in chrome browser

hi there,
as you probably might have guessed, I have an issue with my media control keys, more specifically with the rewind key, play/pause and fast foreward outside of the chrome browser. When for example spotify is opened and I press volume up or volume down, the media control overlay shows up: mediacontrolpanel
Although the buttons in the overlay work when clicking on it, the media keys don’t work.

Annotations: this problem seems to be different from this topic:

because I haven’t installed google play music. The extension for chrome I use is called “streamkeys” which works fine, also on my pc where I don’t have this issue with the media keys.
Thank’s for your idears!

Mediakeys in my Eve V are working fine. Just tried controlling Spotify (installed from windows store) and I don’t see those issues you described. Do the keys work if you don’t have Chrome running? Could the streamkeys extension somehow interfere Spotify’s functionality?


Yeah, thanks, that’s it! Do you know an alternative to streamkeys that doesn’t interfere with other media playback?

Looks like it is a bug in Chrome:

As such, I fear, no extension can overcome that issue.

Perhaps you could instead bind streamkeys’s key shortcuts to some other key combinations? Then use AutoHotKey to listen for media key presses and then sent custom key combinations to Chrome.