Mechanical keyboard case like Razer's for iPad Pro?

I just stumbled over this Mechanical Keyboard Case by Razer for the iPad Pro:

I am very fond of mechanical keyboards and own several of them, and naturally I would love to have a similar thing for the eve v.

How difficult do you think would it be to adapt this Mechanical Keyboard Case to the V?


What’s the point in having mechanical keys if they’re still stupidly thin, like in laptops? :wink:

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Since I cannot always lug my IBM Model M around with me, I settle for anything that I can get. :wink:

As far as I know we currently have no plans for a mechanical case for the V, and given the various types of switches out there it’d be very hard to please everyone to have it even feasible for just 1 run.

Personally I’ll be grabbing something like a SABER68 with my V however when I travel around so I don’t miss out on the mechanical goodness :wink:


Well, the V’s default keyboard matches your description: anything you can get. I don’t see how that one could be different, because it’s the same scissor mechanism…

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Huh, you are right. It’s surprisingly difficult to find info on what exactly these switches are, but this website mentions it:

In other words, we seem to be looking at cranked up scissor switches. Razer certainly went to lengths to avoid that name…

I just assumed that the switches Razer used are Cherry ML or maybe the new Kailh switches, which are a clone of those (and include a tactile version).

$170 for a keyboard case with scissor switches is certainly … exaggerated.

I’m going to use either:

-My Whitefox;
-My JD40;
-My Minivan; or
-My vortex CORE 47

With my V

Actually I think I remember finding that word (scissor) right in their landing page :smile: maybe they edited it out afterwards? But yeah, I guess the mechanical part is under those scissor mechanisms. Except that there is no real benefit because scissors ruin everything.

this would be nice this is what i miss from the surface 3

This could be done with kalih low profile switches. They will have a much longer life time than scissor or membrane based keyboards while staying light.

Switch life time is not an issue at all when we’re talking about laptops, tablets, etc. where the keyboard will only be used with that one device. You will throw away this tablet way sooner than those scissor keys (or whatever they’re called) wear out…

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That is exactly the point. A keyboard should outlive the system it’s attached to.

Life time aside, it would also be a bonus to those who rely on a keyboard; gamers, typists, coders, etc. A higher quality keyboard is a noticeable improvement.

This would also show that this product has yet another unique aspect that not many can claim to have. Its a win for the user and the product.

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Look, the point I’m trying to make is:
Eve V keyboard will already outlive the tablet, without being mechanical.

Again, life time aside, mechanical keys are still higher quality.

Scissor switches are far more likely to fail during the life time of the device. Even as I type on my brand new MBP, some switches stick, or barely function at all. Ive typed on this keyboard for maybe 4 monthes and already have issues. My colleagues who have the same model have the same issues.

Why so opposed against something that improves the experience of the device? Especially as intimate as the keyboard; it is your main interface to a computer. It should get special treatment. It should be high quality.

Wow, seems like a very shitty laptop then… I’ve never heard of anything similar… I’ve seen laptops with broken keyboards, but they were all over 5 years old or like really abused. With such abuse, the alacantra or whatever, even the plastic housing, will wear out soon too.

Also, mechanical does not automatically mean good. If you mean something like Cherry, then yes, they’re durable etc. but since we’re talking about a very slim keyboard, do you have any specific type of switch in mind? And do you have any data to back up your claim that that specific switch is more durable than scissor switches?

First of all, I’m not opposed to anything that improves the experience without being prohibitively expensive. So it depends on two factors:

  • the price
  • and if it’s actually better than what we have now.

So until now I was just explaining why IMO (and experience) the lifetime is not an issue. Being overall a better experience is a whole other reason to have it or not. But for that to stand, we need to find a specific switch that is proven to be better than standard scissor switches. Just dropping in anything that has “MECHANICAL” written on it won’t improve anything. It needs to be actually better. And what if I told you that going with expensive, good quality scissor switches results in a much better experience than the best mechanical switches available for this thickness, while still being cheaper? Of course I’m making this up for now, but we need actual examples with real data (reviews, technical characteristics, etc.) to prove it right or wrong.

Edit: I went back to your previous comment and saw you were suggesting Kailh switches. So we have something to look into… With my previous comments, I was just replying to the part where you said they would have longer life time. You hadn’t given any other reasons to use those switches, so I assumed this was the only reason you wanted them. In my second comment I just explained the purpose of my first comment, because it seemed to me that you didn’t understand it at first. It wasn’t meant to “oppose” anything.

Sorry, I sometimes get lost in conversations…


The path is clear then: we need to seriously look into incorporating the following project into the Eve V:

I suspect it might become a bit bottom heavy, though. :slight_smile:

Coming from the perspective of a mech-enthusiast I want to give my 2 cents on that :slight_smile:

I don’t think that Low Profile Switches would be the solution of the problem - we’d still have a super thick keyboard compared to the one we have now.
Then there’s the question of connectivity: Does it connect with the Pogo-Pins or regular USB? If Pogo-Pins we limit our audience, with USB we face an insane amount of competition.
Because mech-buyers are a freaking demanding market - I know from experience in what I look for in a mechanical board.
If you’re up for a mechanical board, then there are already an insane amount of boards out there to suit your needs - travel board? HHKB, SABER68 and many, many more.

Im not convinced with the lifetime advantage of the mechanical keyboards.

Howe about those Logitech, HP, or Dell keyboards that are used in many offices? Are they mechanical? One thing for sure, they work just fine getting hammered 8 hours a day for probably half a decade or even a decade.

In my opinion, mechanical keyboards are over-engineered and over-complicated solution for a simple function. As a result, they got very expensive, complicated, and heavy.


I appreciate you coming back to explain. Nw :slight_smile:

I find that a little hard to believe…Normal membrane keyboards for even half a decade seems like an exaggeration. I keep care of my things but with heavy use I killed a membrane keyboard in less than two years.

Again. Life time is not the only issue. For me its mainly about reliability. I like my keyboard on my mbp but it is prone on sticking during heavy use. Then I have to stop what Im doing and fix that key. Incredibly annoying. On my mech board I have never had an issue and I have had the same keyboard now for 6 years.

And as Ikirin points out; yes there are relatively easy solutions to this in the form of preexisting keyboards. And yes its for travel mainly. Its the form factor/ease of use of the razer solution that is attractive to me. Its something that could be implemented.