Mclassic and Eve Spectrum

Hi, I own the mClassic upscaler dongle from the company Marseille and unfortunately it does not work well with the monitor. Sometimes there is no sound, others no picture at all. I tested it with GameCube, Switch and WiiU and especially the GameCube has big issues. I tweaked the console to output 480p, but not long after the console turns on the picture flickers between the game and a black screen. Note that the mClassic works fine on any other TV or monitor and the consoles have no problem when connected directly to the Spectrum.
Any help is appreciated.

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So, there is a switch on one side - which position are you using it in?

Thank you for answering. For Switch and WiiU I use the green position and for GameCube the blue one. No matter what position though, the issues do not go away, not even in passthrough mode.

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For what it’s worth, Eve Spectrum has built-in pixel-perfect (integer) scaling, so at least with FHD video sources such as Switch, you can use Eve Spectrum’s own scaling and get crisp 2×2 pixels instead of relying on mClassic for scaling.

Note that Marseille cables are only capable of 4K with 4:2:0 chroma subsampling (same color is shared between pixels inside each four-pixel group) while with integer scaling, you get the original image with no quality loss.


Correct me if I am wrong, but pretty sure that there is no chroma subsampling going on because the mClassic only supports 4K at 30Hz. If the source is 50/60Hz then the device caps at 1440p.

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The technical-specs page for mClassic is currently apparently broken, but its archive copy from 2021-12-28 and official technical specs of mCable Gaming and mCable Cinema all list 2160p@50/60Hz as a supported mode and contain the same note about a limitation due to HDMI 1.4b:

All supported in YUV 4:4:4 except 2160p 50Hz/60Hz supported in YUV 4:2:0