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So recently, I admit, I’m decently active in the forum. Mainly reading through topics and liking whenever I agree with someone… I just don’t know of a better way yet to get through the months until my V will hopefully arrive next year… If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them with me! :smile:

I just now got the message that apparently I have reached the maximum number of likes today and I got told to wait 201 hours until I can like again. I really do think that’s kinda funny, I wasn’t aware there was such a hidden limit. On the other hand I think it’s kind of unnecessary, since it limits usage of the forum. Especially since we also have the spirit of “often a quick like is better than a short answer” like “Agreed” for example.

What do you guys think? And did you know of that limit?

Have a nice day!


The regular number of likes per day is 100 - increased by your trust level (basically the longer you are in the communtiy, the more you can get).

I just increased this daily limit to 150 likes - if you like more than that you should maybe stop the bot that automatically likes every post :wink:


I see :wink: thanks for the answer. Honestly I wasn’t aware I like that much… Well time to do some self reflection I guess :wink:


Is this supposed to be 21 hours? Just want to make sure that it’s not a bug.

Though I do disagree with @ikirin’s decision to bump the daily limit. There is a badge for using all the likes in a day, and increasing the number makes it harder to get that badge, especially if the trust level modifiers also count towards it (I can’t remember if it does, and I cannot tell from the sql query that grants the badge).
It also means that the information listed on badge page is incorrect (not that it wasn’t already, as the limit has already been bumped). I’ll have to fix that.


Well it definitely stated 201 hours which kinda shocked me, since that is not a day. I was a bit confused at that point because the wording implied I had only reached the limit for the day and not the week.

But as I tried to like something again, the number had decreased a bit I think. Definitely faster than it would have if it really were 201 hours


If it ever happens again, to you or anyone else, please take a screenshot and send it to me.



Challenge accepted! Maybe


You just won the mpvcm award, congratulations :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

mpvc award = most positive V community member award.
off course


Challenge completed!


That’s the first one I received. Maybe 15 or so before I got the next one.

As you can see, it’s even increased to 212 hours :joy:

No badge though :frowning:


Are you able to continue to like? Does/ did the like that gave the 212 hours stick?


Okay somethings changed.

First like: no, wait 222 hours.
Second like: no wait 221 hours
Third like : Yes possible…
Fourth like: No, wait 9 hours.
Fifth and Sixth, yes able to like.
Seventh like: No, wait 224 hours :joy:


But that badge still sais that you get it for 50 likes (at least in the description, that would be misleading). Are you sure that is linked to the maximum number of likes or day and not a fixed number?

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Could you post that query or send me a PM? Or is that confidential? I’m quite used to SQL, using it every day.

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Nothing confidential here. We use Discourse, which is 100% open source, so anyone can find these defaults.

I am planning on updating the number on the badges, but there is a lot going on, and I am unsure 150 is a good number as the bottom limit.


As this topic is becoming more about the like badge … This description is a bit off

Thank You
Has 20 liked posts and gave 10 likes

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Always fun to see how a thread develops :smiley:

Great thanks for the mpvc award… It feels great to finally be here. Thanks to my mum and dad and all of my friends who supported me on my long way…

Don’t mind me, I’m bored and incredibly impatiently waiting for my eve V :wink:


Good friend, thank you for the likes you sent me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

Just for some information: do you know if there is a badge available for the most positive community member?


Well… Not according to my recent “‘like’ study” :joy:


Empathetic and Crazy in Love are close to being the most positive. Especially the latter since no one got it. Not even the likebot :flushed:

And it’s in the hamburger for everyone to find :slight_smile:
New user of the month should be golden btw, if you ask me. Wanted to say that since a long time and am still sad that I can’t get it :smiley:


By the way, do you know you ruined my self esteem today?
I really was nearly convinced that my post quality level was moving upwards today.