Massdrop x Sennheiser HD 6XX

Not sure if there are any more audiophiles in this community, but in case there are, I just wanted t let all of you know that Massdrop is releasing a slightly modified version of the renowned HD 650 headphones on the 8th of November, for the lowest possible price of just 200$, which is just a steal.
That’s all.


No offense, but 200$ is a LOT, especially for people who aren’t really into music.

Dude, he said audiophiles :slight_smile: I personally would definitely buy it, but only if Massdrop were less shitty with international shipping. It takes well over month to receive something from them, and then you have to deal with all the customs crap. I’ve already bought something there - never again.

But these headphones cost $400 normally, so the Massdrop price is indeed a steal for those in the US. For us Europeans, it won’t be that much cheaper than buying them locally, I’m afraid.

@anon99772972 thank you for sharing this. Could you please also drop a link for easy access? :slight_smile:


Here you go :slight_smile:

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Interesting that you say you don’t like the shipping. I ordered something from them last week and it is set to arrive tomorrow.

Well, I’ve ordered a Colorfly C3 DAP and they took over two months to ship it. For some reason, they shipped from the factory in China to the Colorfly HQ in Germany, then to Massdrop in the USA, and only then to me in Lithuania. I’ve heard that their shipping is fast in the US with some drops, where they already have the items stocked. But if you’re in Europe, then it’s still very slow. They ship it out later than to US customers, and the shipping itself takes a lot of time to cross the ocean. But what made me cringe was the amount of paperwork they left to me. They did absolutely nothing for customs. There was no description label on the package, no price, nothing. I had to jump through hoops trying to declare the goods, and I was extremely lucky the customs office didn’t ask me to open the package for them to see what’s inside, because that’s what they tend to do in such situation. I’ve shopped on eBay a lot, and people always put a sticker with customs declaration on the package, so it very rarely gets held up by customs office. Massdrop did absolutely nothing for that matter.

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I’m in Canada, and have ordered a couple of things on Massdrop. They take a while to get here, but have not been the longest shipping ever.

I have heard a lot though that Massdrop isn’t great for international customers from further abroad. I’ve even heard a lot of guys in the States complaining about how disjointed the shipping is.

But Massdrop is something different and special, because you can get a good deal on something or you can get a more unique version of something, you just have to wait. And wait. And wait =).

And then WORK and work and work until you deal with the customs, and then pay another half of the price you paid. And then find out that there was actually a better deal somewhere in Europe, taking customs into consideration.