Markdown Tutorial

Since is attracting many new users right now I thought I should share a markdown tutorial for our forum. It makes writing and interacting much easier if you know all the possibilities.

After the short introduction text you can do a interactive tutorial to lern all the things about markdown. Some of them are integrated in our editor and have their own buttons and some do not and need to be remembered.

Maybe it is possible to include this in a notification you recieve after creating your account. @Team

###One small addition to this tutorial:
You can quote things if you highlight the text and then press the quote button. It will automatically create a quote in the editor.


is linked in the new user tutorial.
And as a heads-up, anyone can start the tutorial by sending @ discobot a message with the text “start new user”. You’ll also then get to see the latest version of the welcome message. I am always open for feedback on either, but please provide it in a message rather than a reply.


That new @discobot tutorial is great! :smiley:
But I think it is a bit hidden in the big welcome message…

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