Make your bet: What will reviewers say?

Now that the time for delivery is approaching, I find myself wondering what reviewers will say about this device. I’m personally waiting for those reviews before buying it. But then I also realized that after months of reading the forums, they may just confirm what we already know. We can already get a very close idea of the final result, and even predict those reviews.

So, just for fun, before the device gets shipped and proper reviews begin to come in, wanna make your bet on what they will highlight?

Here’s my bet (trying {really hard} to limit each chapter to 3 aspects):

The good:

  • Great value for the money.
  • Good battery life.
  • Thunderbolt and USB-C ports.

The bad:

  • On the heavy side for this kind of devices.
  • Dark paint may get scratched over time.
  • Middling quality of the cameras.

The controvert:

  • Performance. Some may say “surprisingly good silent performance” while others will go for “less powerful than the SP”.
  • Triangle “V” and ooops! key may not be for everyone.

The forgotten:

  • Wireless keyboard. I bet many will forget this feature or just not value it as it deserves.
  • Being able to change colours will leave most people indifferent.

What’s your bet?


My personal bet - the reviewers that don’t use performance numbers like e.g. CineBench MultiCore won’t even notice a difference between the V and the SP4.

But that’s just my 2 cents on the topic (btw can I have all of my 2 cents back? Those should be enough for a coffee now :smiley: )


I think people are going to wish for better specs like full i5-U or i7-U, even if it means fans.

Recall that the V prototypes did a great job in avoiding power throttles, providing matching performance in some benchmarks like CineBench. From a CPU point of view, the Y-series aren’t that much disadvantaged, at least not on the V :joy:

I personally believe that the greatest difference between the U-series and Y-series is pretty much the iGPU. That said, the difference still not so significant. Unless you’re comparing it with the higher end U-models with Iris Plus (I thought it was called Iris Pro some time ago?).

The SP2017 i7 model uses the i7-7660U, which features an Iris Plus 640, there is some solid performance difference here. As we know however, the i7 model is not fanless.


LinusTechTips - We watercooled it, and the performance has really improved. Also the keyboard matches my RGB sandals. I dropped the device but it survives, Linus approved. In fact the CEO said he has already dropped it before shipping it to us


I think that many will just look at the specs and wish for a real i5/i7 withought thinking this through. Only some will see this as the advantage that it can be depending on what you need the device for. Personally I think the passive cooling and the gain in battery life are great and I would not want a Surface instead. But I guess that not many will talk about this spec detail in a balanced way that will tell the potential buyer the pros/cons.

Apart from that I think that most will like it because it has great value for the money, will have a stunning screen a good keyboard with good travel, Thunderbolt 3 und normal USB.

I actually think that people like ‘the verge’ will like it, because it gives a lot of opportunities, such as connecting it to another device like the ipad, and not having to carry a separate ipad keyboard. Maybe. In any case, I don’t think it will be overlooked, especially if EVE give a short letter or so to the reviewers, informing them of certain things/features.


The review units we are sending out will all be accompanied by a review guide, as these things tend to be. The review guide does just that – it points out the specs and unique selling points of a device, as well as anything the manufacturer deems noteworthy. Every reviewer will have access to everything Eve thinks is important about the V. What they do with that information, is mostly up to them…


@anon99772972 I really hope so! For me it’s a killer feature, a unique selling point and a huge usability plus. But looking at the videos from Computex, many forgot to even mention it, and the ones who mentioned it sounded as if it was just a curious fact. We’ll see!

Keep in mind that at Computex, it was just another device on the shelf. People who write reviews or shoot video of the products there, do so only after reading the little sign next to it and maybe after asking a couple of questions from the people at the booth (if they are in a very journalistic mood). Since they have to cover a great many products during the trade show, they are very limited in how much time they can spend researching each product.

The review samples, with the review guide, and plenty of time to read, try, and ask questions before a final video or article is made should provide a much more thorough representation of the V. Though much like in the quick hands-on articles and videos: reviewers will likely highlight the things they think are awesome, horrible or quirky, no matter how much we point out to them what we think is important…


That’s my point. I’m curious if they will consider the wireless keyboard a key feature or not.

Ultimately, that’s the point though, isn’t it? If I want to know what Eve thinks of the V, that’s what the website is for. Like Apple telling us what’s so awesome about an iPad Pro.

People watch LinusTechTips videos not to find out the specs, they watch it to find out what Linus thinks of a product. Same with all the other influencers.

Most press will be more neutral and report in a more neutral tone. And even then, the reviewer will generally have a say about a few things…


Yeah, that’s the whole point of making reviews. And that’s why I thought trying guess their reactions could be fun. If we already knew they were all going to say the same as the Eve website, well… this conversation wouldn’t exist at all :grin:

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As someone who occasionally likes to play games, the only thing holding me back from jumping the Eve bandwagon is the performance. So… who knows, it depends on the type of user the reviewer is :slight_smile:

Seeing as there’s lots of chat about sending out review machines, giving this thread a bump up

Too much water 1/5 -IGN

No, but seriously I’m just they will definitely mention something about it being a 7th gen Intel Core CPU instead of an 8th gen but then try to explain that it’s fine because the device has been in development for a while.

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I reckon they’ll praise the level of ram on the m3, the battery life (hopefully!), the excellent screen and the performance, caused by the to notch cooling.

For its class of processor, it should have very good benchmarking.

As the above says, the so so bits will be the cameras and I think also the pen, since it’s lagging behind the surface quite noticeably

The tech enthusiast niceties I don’t think will count for that much, eg the rugby keyboard, Bluetooth keyboard, headphone amp

What will give it a great rating though will be the price, defo vs the surface, albeit the surface copies offer good value too

Personally I feel the reviews will hinge a little on what the final price point is going to be. The Early Birds are getting a great deal, but we still don’t know what the webstore price will be.

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