Make Monitor from surface screen

hello friends ,i want to make monitor for my desktop pc which can have touch and pen input because i didn’t find monitor like surface pro screen. i found video on youtube where guy make monitor from old laptop screen by using controller board .

. i found surface pro 4 replacement screen here . .
model no of screen is LTL120QL01.
any help and suggestion will be appreciated.:relaxed:

get this Electronics & Accessories | Dell USA.

not very easy to carry with you :wink:

I asked Eve a long time ago, as an accessory for the V, to have an external usb or tb screen of the same form factor as the V. Eve has already the screen and the case, you just need to develop the interface to connect the two.
But unfortunately not so much people need a portable external screen.

It doesn’t have a pen input. I want a monitor that can support surface pen.

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Maybe try putting this suggestion into the what’s next section of the forum, explain your use case and see if there is interest, eg use a poll

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y not enable the V to have video input?.. what about that razor laptop with 3 screens… i think this commuity needs to think of new ways to use technology.

such ‘laptop screen to monitor conversion’ is only for using it as a display, nothing more. No touch screen, or pen input will be possible that way. Certainly if you use only a HDMI/displayport to connect it. Touch monitors use a USB cable to pass the touch input to the pc. And for that controller board, they probably won’t have something for the touch interface, and those are mostly available for popular laptops. I can’t imagine that microsoft would provide a controller for it, and even if it does it certainly won’t be with the touch and pen interface.

This article about pen displays might help you.