Major issues waking from sleep

Hi all, I’ve had a lot of good things to say about my new V since I got it last week. However, I have been experiencing issues with waking from sleep that seem to be getting worse. Often it takes many presses of the power button to wake it up, but today for the second time I have had real difficulty getting it to wake up. What is odd is that the screen was off but the V was still turned on because I heard notification sounds coming from it, and if I pressed random keyboard buttons it would beep at me. I left it alone and tried a few minutes later, same result. No wakey. Finally, I was able to get it to force a restart by pressing and holding the power button for about 10 seconds.

This is my first Windows machine and my first tablet PC, so I really don’t know what exact behavior is to be expected, but this seems like a serious problem. Someone posted on another thread about having to press multiple times to wake the V, and inadvertently locking it sometimes when doing so, but my problem seems to be more serious.

Any suggestions? Is this likely a software or a hardware issue?

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My experience, not just on the V but on other machines, is connected standby is really unreliable and that often causes crashes when it’s asleep that means it doesn’t startup on resume. You could try turning off connected standby to see if that helps.

What doesn’t help, of course, is that there’s no LED on the V to indicate whether it’s on or off.

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TL;DR: Try to press Vol+ & Vol- simultaneously for some times.

I’ve got my V yesterday and chose hibernate for some reason. When I wanted to work again with my V, it seemed to not wake at all. Black screen and no sound (but I guess, since I turned off sound in windows) I have tried several times to hold the power button very long, I even tried some combinations of power button and vol+/vol-, as I know it from my Android phone, but nothing seemed to help.
I googled and came across a hint, pressing vol+ & vol- simultaneously some times. The screen lighted up again! It’s some sort of hidden reset of the screen I think.
Might help you as well.

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Interesting, I wonder why this would work? Is It a hidden feature of the volume button?
Anyway thanks for the tip, I will try this next time and report back.

According to the following post, it refreshes the display Driver.

STOP!!! There’s no hidden feature in the V’s volume button!!! (the link is for surface) Pressing + and - simultaneously could damage the relais…

I’m actually using two V’s (one of them is from 2017). to wake the V from sleep you don’t have to “press” the button, you just have to touch the button slightly to make the fingerprint reader work. If you press the button, you shut the V off and you have to press it again to bring it back on…

if this doesn’t work, you have to look for your energy saving settings (when does the V turn off, etc.)

Because when it’s really off, you have to press the power button for about 3 seconds to bring the V back to life…


Unfortunately, just touching the button does nothing unless my V is awake but the display has turned off. If the V is asleep, hibernating, or shut down, it takes many presses of the button to wake it up or turn it on.
In fact, once the V goes to sleep, since I’m unable to wake it without pressing the button repeatedly, I apparently end up somehow shutting it down in my attempts to wake it, because I’m never able to get back to the login screen without seeing the “made by them us” screen first.
This is really problematic and I may have to return the V if I can’t find a solution.

Yes, the link is about surface pro, but since the V and the surface are similar devices, I thought this could help and tried it. And it actually did help, my V woke up again. I don’t think, this is a feature of a specific device like the surface pro, I think it is a built-in combination of windows (especially for tablets) to refresh the display driver. As I said, in my case, this helped and I wanted to share it. I don’t expect any damage of the device, but obiously, one would only try this, when the usual methods don’t work.

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