Magnet vs Zipper Sleeve and when can we buy them?

Hi all,

Excited for my V to arrive tomorrow. Does anyone know if/when the sleeves will be available and if anyone has which is preferred? I like the magnet idea personally, as both appear to be made out of the same material (I think)?

Any advice is appreciated!

I personally like the magnet sleeve as well cause it looks elegant. I believe when you bought Eve, you can choose if you want any other accessories no?

If not, you can always contact support team and see how much it would cost for them to produce for you (+ shipping)

I think Eve isn’t selling the sleeves unless they are bought with the computer, on the same order.

You have all the information about them here.

Oh no that’s too bad! I would love to get a magnet sleeve.


Oh no that would be really sad. What if I buy one but want another/the other Etc? I scanned through that page you linked but it’s most recent info is over a ear old and I didn’t see anything about purchasing other than indiegogo options.


Currently the accessories cant be bought without buying a V

That’s too bad. I guess I’ll look for a third party case then. Thanks for all the help guys!


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