Made by ~~them~~ us

Just a random though, but I really hope that Eve keeps the branding “Made by them us” on all the future products.

On spectrum:

  • should we make that a short image when the screen turns on? probably that’s too obnoxious.
  • should we add it to the OSD menu in “about” maybe?

On muse:

  • should we add this logo on the carrying case/pouch (if there’s such a thing)

Imo that really stands out and makes us the Eve family.

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please no! No on startup! I use V vertically and it looks stupid because they have no time to edit things like bios to make it works good. Same on monitor.


I would be mortified if people thought I was involved in the design, execution or delivery of what Eve supply. ymmv

Updated OP: I have added a muse option, crossed out a spectrum one.

Well, you’ve said that it’s to obnoxious but every screen I own has a startup image. It’s there when the connection hasn’t been made yet but the screen is starting up (kinda like the windows logo when starting up the PC). Eve could brand that with the V and underline with text.

There is no anti aliasing on those images, also not sure if it’s possible to add color to it or not. But it’s essentially instead of an black screen.

Though an about in the OSD is new to me


So, maybe on startup would work, but it depends on the implementation/looks. For one i would not like to have an extremely big logo (i have some lenovo monitors at work which have this almost fullscreen logo. that is awful. please… no :disappointed:)

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My razer blade stealth has the razer logo flash but because of of its NVM.E ssd
it lasts for less than 1 second. i agree that it could be obnoxious if it lasted for several seconds. but because of ssds it is a very brief moment and i wouldn’t mind.