MacBook Pro doesn't give me touch and V does

Hello every one I am from Australia, I am an engineer and do work with electric skateboards.

I spend a lot of time in cad software and I recently found that I can use the V pen to optimise my work.
Alot of my work is done on my iMac and I was in the market for a new MacBook Pro but I really wanted the pen support and the iPad Pro just didn’t cut it.

Im happy with my V so far and hopping the next version has U processors and maybe better graphics options but does what I need at the moment.


great that you like the V, just make sure you get consent before getting touchy feely :laughing:

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have to get back in touch with my windows side before I can fully commit to getting touchy feely

Cool to hear your background and area of use!

I too was waiting an eternity for a touch based Macbook Pro (Tablet). It was more than evident this is not going to be real in near (far) future. Seems the strategy of classic laptop for that product type will remain as is.

I have read that the new Xcode upgrade is going to allow apps for mac to be used and intergrated into a touch interface and iPhone apps into a pointer interface. So in turn the MacBook won’t need touch but the iPad Pro could end up running more high end apps or more software will be made into apps.

Sounds interesting, though, until there is no Mac OS with Bootcamp Windows option on an iPad Pro, this machine would stay in a narrow niche.

Yes, but the day it happends and we get a full we write of MACOS to make it a touch system and Apple put there awesomeness into a product like the V surface or an iPad Pro with full MAC OS capability, it will be the best device ever! I think the Apple Pencil is 1000% better then any Wacom or surface pen.

Apple engineers are probably already walking around doing coding in Xcode and there design team drawing in full professional cad software on a supped up IPad Pro.